The 6 Social Justice Warriors Who Got Donald Trump Elected [Opinion]

“Social justice warriors” is a term many have adopted to describe the annoying faction of the political left that feels the need to police everything one says.

The entire mainstream media is often grouped into this terminology because of the lopsided coverage that it heaps on one candidate while extolling the perceived virtues and ignoring the foibles of a preferred candidate. Cough. Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton election. Cough, cough.

While social justice warriors will individually try to police your words right down to the pronouns that you use (hat tip The Hill), the media makes a habit of assigning labels to anyone who believes differently than they do.

Case in point, all Trump voters are racist, xenophobic, homophobic, Islamophobic, etc. They did it with such regularity over the last year and a half that they pretty much got Donald Trump elected president of the United States. That’s at least what many are saying, even on the political left.

Saturday Night Live poked fun at this mindset on the recent “Bubble” advertisement. Do yourself a favor. Watch it via Hot Air.

There is no doubt the 2016 election has been a massive defeat for social justice warriors, but the sad thing is, at least for them, it didn’t have to be this way. Unfortunately, they didn’t know when to reel it in and respect the fact that not everyone with a difference of opinion is necessarily all the horrible things they accused them of being.

To shed some light on this and perhaps to give these sorrowful social justice warriors a little credit, here are six people who pressed too hard and together ensured the country a reality-TV star for president.

6. Seth Meyers

The Late Night with Seth Meyers host rose to prominence as a member of Saturday Night Live. During the 2016 election, he took a gamble that didn’t pay off, forgoing his normal innocuous comedy and likability for a late-night persona intent on calling out Donald Trump as all the words social justice warriors tend to overuse. (See above.)

Given Meyers had no pedigree in hardline satire, it just seemed too preachy to be taken seriously and did nothing to slow Trump’s momentum.

5. Lena Dunham

Dunham has problems of her own dating back to a disturbing admission in her autobiography involving her younger sister that I won’t get into here. Suffice it to say, conservatives have had a field day with the admission ever since.

Lena campaigned hard for Hillary but in light of that past story and her tendency toward off-color humor, heartland voters felt the Girls TV star had a lot of nerve lecturing them on how they were supposed to be living their lives.

She also joined with the popular throng of empty threats that come up every year among one political group or another — yes, the “I’ll move to Canada” brigade. Turns out, she didn’t. Instead she opted to write this whiny essay via Deadline.

4. Amy Schumer

Schumer took her show to Tampa, Fla., and proceeded to berate anyone in the audience who would dare vote for Trump.

Probably not the best idea considering the state went for Trump on Nov. 8, albeit by a narrow margin. One must wonder if that narrow margin swung Trump’s way because of how defiant and in-your-face Schumer was with her opposition.

3. Samantha Bee

The late-night TBS talk show host and former alum of The Daily Show found her voice this election season, but many independents found it to be a loud and screechy one, dropping even the appearance of neutrality that her former boss Jon Stewart had when he would go after the occasional Democrat.

Bee eliminated that from her repertoire and instead turned her show into a propaganda arm for the far left Democratic Party.

However, she also heavily supported Hillary Clinton, who, we now know from Wikileaks, underhandedly ousted Bernie Sanders from the nomination. As a result of the hypocrisy, she lost some of the very people most likely to watch and listen to her show.

2. John Oliver

Oliver was simply too smug as seen in how he never took Trump seriously — and by extension, never took the 60 million+ who voted for him seriously.

Oliver first encouraged Trump to run for president because he thought it would be a ridiculous sideshow with no hope of succeeding. By the time the Donald picked up momentum, Oliver didn’t have the power to stop him.

Like Bee, he turned his weekly program into a sermon against anything non-Democratic, though not quite to the extent of Bee. Still, he is ranked higher than her here because he had a more influential platform, making his failure to curtail Trump an even greater failure.

1. Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert embraced social justice warriors full-bore after stepping away from his Colbert Report and relaunching the Late Show (formerly with David Letterman) in 2015.

Colbert didn’t understand the potential bully pulpit that he had to appeal to the masses. While his Comedy Central-branded show was popular, it was only popular among a certain group of left-wingers.

With The Late Show, his appeal had the unique opportunity to crossover. Instead he chose to continue the Colbert Report but to do it as plain ol’ Stephen instead of the over-the-top character he’d built up at Comedy Central.

With a larger audience and a preachier message, he turned off more viewers than he ever won. He also botched the interview with Donald Trump when he had him on the show, coming across as too appreciative rather than critical.

In the end, he doubled down on everything and as the election got closer and closer, he forgot almost completely about his own candidate’s mistakes for an all-out unsuccessful assault that caused viewers to tune out.

So there you have it, readers — the six highest-profile social justice warriors who won Trump the election. These are the folks to whom you may send your criticisms and your thank-you’s. Agree or disagree? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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