‘Bad Santa 2’ After-Credits Scene: Is There A Final Scene Hidden At The End Of The Raunchy Christmas Comedy?

Bad Santa 2 is hitting theaters this weekend, 13 years after the first raunchy installment, and fans will want to know if there’s an after-credits scene that extends the comedy a little longer than the final scene.

The Billy Bob Thornton project is hitting theaters the day before Thanksgiving, kicking off the holiday movie season with an attempt to replicate the surprising success of the 2003 movie Bad Santa. The movie centers around Thornton’s Willie Soke character, who is out of prison and back to his crude ways.

For those unfamiliar with the concept of the after-credits scene — which is also known as a stinger or credit cookie — it’s a short scene, usually no longer than a minute, that plays after all the credits have ended. It’s something of a reward for viewers willing to wait through five to 10 minutes of crew members’ names and credit music.

These scenes are most common among the action and adventure genre, especially superhero movies. In fact, the Marvel movies have perfected an after-credits scene formula that includes one scene during the credits to add a bit of levity and then another at the very end that introduces a new plot element or character that will be picked up in one of the coming installments.

But when it comes to comedies, it’s a bit iffier whether the after-credits scene will show up.

WARNING: Potential Bad Santa 2 spoilers below!

So, does Bad Santa 2 have an after-credits scene?

All signs point to no. While there has not been any word in critic reviews whether there’s anything at the very end of the movie, moviegoers who caught early showings of Bad Santa 2 noted that there is no after-credits scene to justify staying to the very end.

While viewers who do head out to Bad Santa 2 won’t get an after-credits scene, they will get a much more crude and raunchy sequel. As Paste Magazine noted, the first movie showed a bit of depth to Willie Soke, including a delve into his abusive childhood. So while he was repulsive and depraved, there was an effort to garner sympathy from the audience, the report noted.

Bad Santa 2 has all the crass jokes of the original, minus the humanizing touches, Paste Magazine noted.

“There are no such humanizing touches to be found in any unendurable minute of Mark Waters’ sequel. Instead, screenwriters Johnny Rosenthal and Shauna Cross merely ramp up the obscenities, as if operating under the sophomoric belief that characters frequently swearing at each other and objectifying women is, in and of itself, the height of comic wit.”

But other critics noted that Billy Bob Thornton helps make up the difference, adding enough to the role to keep the naughty Santa likable to viewers.

There is a chance that Bad Santa 2 could get pulled under by a pair of likely blockbusters also vying for moviegoers during the all-important holiday movie season. The Harry Potter prequel Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them debuted last week to a big box-office return with more than $100 million worldwide gross and will take in an expected $75 million this week. The Disney movie Moana will also be debuting opposite Bad Santa 2 and could take in close to $75 million itself.

Deadline predicted that Bad Santa 2 would fall under those massive totals, but it could have the potential to become a surprise hit.

“Broad Green’s release of Miramax’s Bad Santa 2 is the one that could surprise and potentially overtake Allied on a five-day basis. Its range for that span is $15M-$20M, per industry estimates, and it is a sequel to a cult classic that’s been 13 years in the waiting; the original launched over Thanksgiving in 2003 and earned $60M stateside and $76M worldwide off a $23M budget.”

So while viewers who head out to Bad Santa 2 won’t be seeing an after-credits scene, there may be good news in the predictions. If the movie can top its box-office predictions, there may be a good chance of a Bad Santa 3 in the future. Hopefully, fans won’t have to wait another 13 years.

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