Five Best ‘Supernatural’ Villains Ever To Grace Our Screens

Supernatural might be in its 12th season, but one thing that it continually does well is the villains. Whether they are good guys turned bad or bad guys that have a little goodness in them, or they’re just downright evil, Supernatural continues to bring some of the best villains to the TV screen. The show could even beat the likes of Criminal Minds, the D.C. Universe, and NCIS.

Here’s a look at the best five Supernatural villains ever to grace our screens. Do you agree with this list?

#5. Azazel/Yellow Eyes


What better way to start the list than the first Supernatural villain introduced. Initially only known as Yellow Eyes, Azazel was the reason for the Winchesters hunting in the first place. In 1983, the villain killed Mary Winchester and forced her husband John into the world of hunting with two small boys to take care of. Of course, that led to Dean and Sam being raised in a world that their mother never wanted.

Throughout the first five seasons, we got to know more about the Winchester family and Yellow Eyes. It didn’t take long for him to get his real name, Azazel, and hear about the plan to create special children that would fight to the death. Think of it as the basis for The Hunger Games, but with the supernatural take. Azazel wasn’t exactly easy to kill, but Dean did manage to avenge the deaths in his family at Yellow Eyes’ hands.

Movie Pilot puts Azazel in the top spot on the Supernatural villains list. Fredrick Lehne certainly did an amazing job, and he is the show’s longest-living villain, but there have been so many others who have come since him.

#4. Ruby


Whether you liked her or hated her, she was one of the best villains on the show. From the beginning of her character in the Season 3 premiere, fans debated whether she was good or evil. Played by both Katie Cassidy and Genevieve Cortese Padalecki, Ruby has split the fandom in half.

Her character development was strong. Kripke definitely worked out how to fit her into the storylines seamlessly, whether she was helping Sam develop his supernatural strength or playing the boys against each other to help release Lucifer. It was only at the very end that her true intentions were known. As Cortese Padalecki’s version of Ruby says, she was “awesome.”

#3. Zachariah


Most Supernatural fans agree that when it comes to Zachariah, he was the character to hate. The angel who had one goal in mind, which was to start the apocalypse. He worked on forcing Dean to say “yes” to Michael,and he intended to force Sam’s hand to say “yes” to Lucifer, so they both became the vessels for the warring archangels.

One of the darkest and evilest moments for Zachariah was in the meeting room. Dean was backed into a corner while his brothers—yes, brothers (Adam was around at this point)—were slowly dying. He could either allow their lives to end or give himself over to Michael. In the end, fans cheered when Dean decided to kill Zachariah instead, but it all came with a price.

#2. Alistair


Arguably, this is a demon who could have been used much more, but the concept of him was intriguing and scary. Alistair was the one to turn our beloved Dean into the torturer who would break the first seal to release Lucifer. There was nothing that Alistair wasn’t prepared to do, whether it was killing innocent people, tricking the Winchesters into dark decisions, or forcing Dean to relive his moments of hell.

While his character only had a small role to play, he has gone on to become one of the most favored evils in Supernatural history. Only one evil has taken the top spot when it comes to fandom memes and fan fiction.

Honorable Supernatural Villain Mentions


Before moving on to the top spot, there are a few evil characters worth mentioning. They all have their positioning for various reasons:

  • Abaddon
  • Crowley
  • Gordon Walker
  • Bela Talbot
  • Lilith
  • Meg
  • Cain
  • Metatron
  • Leviathan Dick

So who takes the top spot? There can only be one:

#1. Lucifer


Yes, the archangel who is still around and causing devastation is the number one evil in Supernatural history. Initially played by Mark Pellegrino, this is an evil that has broken the hearts of all our beloved characters. He caused Sam’s death, Dean’s pain, Castiel’s questions of himself, and Crowley’s embarrassment.

Only Lucifer has been able to convince our good guys to do some of the most questionable actions throughout the series’ run. He is also the only evil to have fans crying out for his return.


Do you agree with this list? Who would you put on the top five list of the best Supernatural villains ever to grace our screens?

Don’t forget; Supernatural Season 12 isn’t on this week because of Thanksgiving. It will return on December 1 at 9 p.m. on the CW.

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