Phaedra Parks Might Put A Stop To Porsha Williams’ Baby Plans: Could This Ruin A Friendship?

Phaedra Parks has branded herself as being a conservative housewife, and she got married before she gave birth to her first son, Ayden. However, there were questions about when her son was conceived as the dates didn’t quite add up. However, Phaedra has never set the record straight, and she would prefer to keep her marriage and her pregnancy private, so people don’t question her conservative lifestyle choices. So when Porsha Williams decided that she wanted a baby with her ex-boyfriend, Parks’ red flags went up.

According to a new Bravo report, Phaedra Parks is now sharing her thoughts about her friend wanting a child without a husband. Of course, many people have children without being married because they want a baby, and they can handle being single mothers. And it sounds like Williams is ready to tackle a baby on her own, even though she isn’t engaged or planning to find a husband. How does this sit with her conservative friend?

“I know Porsha wants to be a mother, but I was a bit taken aback by her plan to side step a husband on the way to baby land. Her desire for a baby clearly outweighs her desire for marriage. I love Porsha dearly and want to see her happy, however I do not recommend intentionally becoming a single mother. Maybe I will let her babysit my two sons (who double as my ultimate workout plan) for a week to help her recalibrate her thoughts,” Phaedra Parks explained to Bravo after watching Sunday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

So, could Porsha’s choice to become a single mother with the help of her ex-boyfriend influence her friendship with Parks? Well, many Real Housewives of Atlanta viewers would probably argue that Phaedra is the last person to judge who Williams should have a baby with. Phaedra chose to have two children with a man, who had been in prison. In addition, she filed for divorce from him after he was convicted of fraud and identity theft. Apollo Nida was sentenced to eight years behind bars, and Phaedra Parks was stuck with a divorce and being a single mother.


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Maybe Parks wants Porsha to rethink her decision to possibly become a single mother as Parks knows how hard it can be. Of course, she has two children with the same man, but she knows how much work it is to be a single mother of two children. But one has to wonder if she has any regrets having children with a convicted criminal, who couldn’t change his ways for the sake of his family. Maybe Porsha is better off being a single mother after all.

While Phaedra Parks could offer her thoughts on Porsha’s plans to have a baby without a husband, she might want to keep her opinion to herself. Parks has learned that her co-stars will question her every word and maybe Phaedra is learning to stay out of the drama. While she did bring Porsha to Kenya Moore’s housewarming party, she quietly left the party when Williams was kicked out. But Parks wasn’t surprised at the drama coming from Moore; both with Porsha and later with Sheree Whitfield.

“Of course not. Kenya loves confrontation and conflict, and Sheree never walks away from a fight. I’m just happy the fight only involved words,” Phaedra Parks continued on her blog, sharing that she’s happy that she’s not involved in the drama, according to Bravo.

What do you think of Phaedra Parks’ comments about Porsha’s baby plans? Do you think she will be a supportive friend or do you think her opinion about Williams finding a husband first will get in between them as friends?

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