WWE News: Is WWE Really Planning For Goldberg To Have One Last WWE World Title Run?

On last night’s episode of WWE RAW, Bill Goldberg announced that he would be taking part in the huge Royal Rumble match this January, making people wonder if WWE may be preparing us for a huge world title run for the WCW legend. Goldberg made his way back to WWE recently and managed to beat Brock Lesnar at WWE Survivor Series in dominating fashion.

He mentioned on WWE RAW that RAW commissioner Stephanie McMahon asked him if he has one more title run left in him. Goldberg said he did, adding that Stephanie told him the way to the World title at WrestleMania is through the Rumble. That was when Goldberg announced he would take part in the match. This made many fans wonder if WWE was actually planning out a possible world title match with Goldberg and if he would win it at WrestleMania 32.

As of now, this is not in the cards. Of course, WWE would love to possibly make him a world champion in the future again, which would make him one of the oldest world champions in WWE history. However, Goldberg’s return is really a case-by-case situation. Before his match on Sunday, WWE managed to get Goldberg to agree to a few more matches. Of course, one will be the Rumble match and the next is supposed to be at WrestleMania with Brock Lesnar.

Goldberg entrance
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As of now, those are the only two matches he has on deck for 2017. The thought among most fans is that WWE could always get more out of him if Goldberg wants to sign on to do more. When he first went to WWE after killing it in WCW for years, WWE was able to sign him to a one-year full-time deal. WWE gave him everything one could want at that time as well. He competed on the WWE RAW brand and found himself in matches with The Rock, Triple H, and, eventually, Brock Lesnar.

On top of this, WWE gave him the World Heavyweight Championship and had him appear in main events all the time. If there ever was a big year in WWE, Goldberg had it, and he literally did all one could do in his one and only year with them. Obviously, Goldberg ended up leaving, and we didn’t even get a hint of a return until this year thanks to 2K Sports. It was 12 long years and now a near 50-year-old Goldberg is back and we’re waiting to see what comes up next.

Many believe that if his two appearances upcoming go well, he’ll stick around and perform off on similar to Brock, except in a less-than-regular basis. Think of how WWE used Sting. He only had a year in WWE before he had to retire, but the plan was to continue to use him off and on when they felt he could help. Goldberg is one of the lucky legends in pro wrestling who did not experience a lot of injuries, as he only spent about six full years in wrestling. Five of those were with WCW and their much lighter schedule.

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Guys like Sting, Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, and many others spent decades in the ring tearing their bodies apart and getting hurt along the way. Goldberg did not experience this, which is why his possible usage could be similar to Brock in that you could use him in major matches for years to come because he is in shape enough to do it. Goldberg does miss being a superhero for kids, and he’s really happy his son and wife get to see him do what made him famous.

That said, it is not unlikely that WWE manages to bring Goldberg back after the two matches he’s currently scheduled for. It would not be surprising to see him return afterward at some point. Plus, it would look really good on the WWE Universal Championship to have Goldberg as one of the title holders. Really, all of this is a win for WWE, as Goldberg has been proven to generate both ratings and money. The more they have of him, the better it seems — at least from a business perspective. Just please, no more squash matches.

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