Kim Richards Reunites With Brandi Glanville Ahead Of ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Season 7

Kim Richards reunited with her friend and former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-star, Brandi Glanville, over the weekend.

While celebrating Glanville’s 44th birthday in Los Angeles, Kim Richards shared a photo of herself and her longtime friend, who is no longer seen alongside her on the Bravo reality series.

“#blonde&blonder #BFF @brandiglanville what a great night celebrating your birthday.. love you so much,” Kim Richards wrote in the caption of her Instagram selfie.

Although several Instagram users weighed in on the photo with kind comments, others expressed their concern for Kim Richards, who has struggled with addiction issues for the past several years.

Kim Richards reunites with Brandi Glanville
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After sharing the photo of herself and Glanville, Kim Richards received several comments in regard to the allegedly “disappointing” situation between her and her former co-star.

“Wow, you drunks are still hanging out??? Jeez [Kim Richards], you never learn bad people like her are no good for you!” one person wrote.

“Yikes! Is this a good idea?” another asked.

“No, no, no. Bad idea,” someone said in response.

“[Brandi Glanville] is a really bad influence to [Kim Richards] as well as an [enabler],” a fourth Instagram user pointed out.

While Kim Richards is reportedly sober at this time, fans on Instagram didn’t seem to think Glanville was the best person for her and one particular fan asked if Kyle Richards was mad to see them spending time with one another. As fans of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills will recall, Glanville has been known to indulge in alcohol on the show, and with Kim Richards attempting to stay sober, their relationship may not be a great idea.

Although Kyle does not appear to have responded to the comment, she has made her thoughts on Glanville clear in the past. In fact, during The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 5, the women were involved in a physical altercation with one another after Kim Richards displayed some odd behavior during a poker night at Eileen Davidson’s home.

Kim Richards hangs with Brandi Glanville
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During a deleted scene from the show that was shot around the time of Glanville’s fight with Kyle Richards, Glanville was seen encouraging Kim Richards to cut ties with her sister. As All About the Real Housewives reported last year, Glanville informed Kim Richards that her sister was manipulating her and failing to protect her.

“You can distance yourself from her. You can make her have respect for you,” Glanville was heard saying.

Still, when asked if she was responsible for the sisters’ past estrangement during an interview months later, Glanville denied having anything to do with their fallout at all.

“I don’t think I had anything to do with that,” Glanville explained during an episode of her Podcast earlier this year, via People Magazine. “Here are the facts. The facts are that I am [Kim Richards]’s friend, they’ve always had family problems and they continue to, and it has nothing to do with me. Not anything. Apparently I was the catalyst that ruined it in the end and that’s the reason they don’t talk now, even though I’m not on the show and I don’t speak to Kyle.”

Although Kim Richards didn’t speak to her sister for several months, the two women appear to be on good terms at this point in time. That said, Kim Richards’ family has been vocal about their feelings towards her friendship with Glanville and at one point, during an appearance on The Dr. Phil Show, Chad Johnson, the son of Kim Richards, labeled Glanville “toxic.”

Kim Richards and the cast of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills returns to Bravo TV on December 6 for Season 7. Richards will not be seen in a full-time role.

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