'General Hospital' Spoilers: Bad News For Tracy, Hayden, And Nathan?

This week on General Hospital has a few Port Charles residents waiting on some news that may affect their future considerably. Hayden Barnes, Tracy Quartermaine, and Nathan West will be receiving upsetting news in the next few days. What will they find out?

Last week on General Hospital, Tracy had a surprise visitor who flew all the way from Turkey to find her. However, she isn't too happy about this girl, Samira, who wants the painting that Tracy brought back that her father held dear to his heart. She has her suspicions about Samira, and she is taking some steps to find out more about her. That means a secret DNA test. According to spoilers by SheKnows Soaps, Tracy will be bracing herself for news on whether her suspicions are correct.

There may be another Quartermaine daughter that no one knew about. Tracy is out to discover if her daddy fathered another child while he was staying in Turkey years ago. General Hospital spoilers have hinted that Samira is Edward's second daughter, and that will make Tracy very upset. If this is true, then she will be dealing with her feelings on her relationship with her father.

Actress Jane Elliot's last day on General Hospital is May 4. Fans are gearing up to say goodbye to Tracy Quartermaine, and there have already been a few emotional scenes so far. Be ready to grab your tissues as her farewell is only getting started. How will Tracy react when she gets the news that she may have a sister?

Hayden Barnes has been romantically linked to Hamilton Finn, but it certainly has not been an easy road for them so far. Her guy is struggling with his drug addiction, and although she wants to stand by him, it has been pretty rough for her. General Hospital spoilers tease that she will be getting some disappointing news this week. What could that be?

It could be something about Finn and his health struggles, but it could also be very unexpected news that will have her conflicted. Could a pregnancy be the news that Hayden gets, as rumors have suggested? Of course, that may not be disappointing, but this is a bad time for this couple to be celebrating baby news. On the other hand, it could be just the thing to pull Finn through his detox. The disappointing news may not be anything personal at all. It could very well have something to do with the hospital finances that Hayden is in charge of.

Nathan West is a newly married man, but it looks like the honeymoon is over before it even started. Maxie has not been seen much at all since their wedding because of actress Kirsten Storms' health issues that have kept her away from the soap. She has taken another leave from General Hospital, but it is only supposed to be temporary. Hopefully, she will be back on air soon.

In the meantime, Nathan is alone, and the reason is that Maxie has taken a job out of Port Charles for now. Soap Central says he grows impatient, which could mean he gets word from Maxie that she is not coming home to him anytime soon. The soap had to compensate for Kirsten's time away, and this storyline has Nathan and Maxie's marriage already on the rocks.

Fans were hoping to see Maxie happily married to Nathan on screen, but that hasn't happened yet. There hasn't been any word yet that the actress is leaving the show permanently, which is good news. Hopefully, viewers will get to see those two back together soon.

Will Tracy find out her daddy has a secret child? What news will disappoint Hayden so much? Will Nathan be impatient enough to call it quits with Maxie already? Stay tuned to General Hospital to see what develops this week.

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