Leonardo DiCaprio Girlfriend: Nina Agdal Shares Her Holiday Workout Tips

Nina Agdal is the latest model who actor Leonardo DiCaprio has reportedly been romancing. The two have only dated for a few months, but reports claim that the couple is already serious about their future together.

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Nina Agdal just spent a week celebrating Leonardo DiCaprio’s 42nd birthday, according to the Daily Mail. Now, she is back home in New York and is sharing some of her pre-holiday workout tips with fans. She is set to grace the inside pages of Self magazine. Agdal always makes it a point to work out, even when holidays and special occasions get in the way. She was spotted getting a sweat session in at Soul Cycle on Wednesday, November 16.

The 24-year-old model didn’t look too sweaty as she smiled her way through the doors. Nina even hugged one of her instructors, Akin Akman, at the Noho fitness center. Nina was ready to go, arriving in a neon green Nike sports bra and a pair of black tight leggings. The Danish model pulled her signature blonde tresses back into a high ponytail as she walked out of the Soul Cycle class.

Days prior to hitting the gym, Agdal was spotted relaxing with DiCaprio in the French Polynesia, but she’s back to work on her body since the vacation is over. Once she landed in America, she was ready to work out once again. To keep herself in shape, Agdal does a mix of Army-style work-out classes, boot camps, boxing, Tone House, Soul Cycle, and yoga, reports Foods 4 Better Health. She will do anything that challenges her body and helps her stay lean and toned.

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Nina Agdal (seen here with Martha Hunt) loves to eat right everywhere she goes. [Image by Larry Busacca/Getty Images for Michael Kors]

She often posts videos of her workouts on her Instagram page. One of Nina’s recent videos shows the model doing various intense work outs, such as balancing one foot on a Bosu ball to doing leg raises while hanging off a pull-up bar. She was also seen boxing with her trainer, Eric Rakofsky.

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To maintain her figure, Agdal follows a low-carb diet that does not allow pasta and white bread. While Agdal loves to eat healthy, it doesn’t prevent her from indulging every now and then. As you know, it can be hard to stick to your diet around the holidays with the abundance of delicious meals and fattening desserts. Agdal admitted that eating unhealthy foods like pizza and burgers can lead to unhealthy choices and oftentimes regret, but she admits that an intense workout will help you eliminate any of those regrets from your mind.

Another diet fixture for Agdal is drinking green tea two to three times per day on a regular basis. When she’s on the road, she makes sure to have healthy and nutritious snacks with her. Agdal usually stocks up on almonds, avocados, energy bars, granola bars, pistachios, and rice cakes to avoid cravings. It’s also possible that Agdal was able to get a workout in while she was on vacation with DiCaprio. In a previous Instagram post, the model showed off some of her routines on the beach. The quick routine consisted of a burpee, push-up, walk-out plank, and a tuck-jump.

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Last month, the young model attended an event at Outhrow Boxing Club in New York. She spoke to E! News about what keeps her motivated in between her workouts.

“I always tell myself [working out is] the one thing I won’t regret,” Nina said. “Like, you’ll always regret that slice of pizza; you’ll always regret that glass of wine. [But] you’ll never regret a good workout.”

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The former Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model says that she loves to do various workouts and that switching up her routine helps keeps things exciting.

“I do so many different things,” she said. “I do Y7 Yoga, I take a lot of Atkin’s Army Classes, Soul Cycle, boot camps, Tone House, SLT, boxing. I do everything.”

And, it shows. Nina Agdal has no shortage of bikini pics on her Instagram page to show the proof. Leonardo DiCaprio is surely a lucky man.

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