Siggy Flicker And Jacqueline Laurita’s Friendship: ‘Don’t Believe Everything You Read’

Siggy Flicker made a pact with her co-stars on The Real Housewives of New Jersey that she wouldn’t talk negatively about her co-stars once the reunion had aired. And most of her co-stars have kept that promise, as Melissa Gorga and Teresa Giudice are close friends these days and Jacqueline Laurita has cut everyone off. In a recent interview, Siggy opened up about her friendship with Jacqueline Laurita, and Flicker announced that her long-time friend hadn’t reached out to her since they wrapped filming weeks ago. She was clearly hurt by Laurita’s decision to ignore her, but she also wants to focus on her family.

According to a new Instagram post, Siggy Flicker is now revealing that people need to stop believing the fake news about her friendships. Siggy is usually very good at sharing her thoughts and feelings on social media and in her blogs, so fake reports can easily be squashed by her. And it sounds like Siggy may have been getting some messages from fans and viewers who want her to reach out Jacqueline and work things out.

“You can’t please everyone in life and just like they tell you when you are on an airplane that in case of an emergency put the oxygen mask on yourself 1st before you help others, I did just that and I stand behind that. I am not going to sacrifice my health or happiness for any friendship,” Siggy Flicker wrote in a lengthy Instagram post, sharing that she tried to help Laurita for a long time as she defended her the entire season.

When Siggy Flicker started filming The Real Housewives of New Jersey, she didn’t know what Teresa Giudice was like away from the cameras. Flicker had read about Teresa’s case in the media, and since she was close with Jacqueline, Flicker wanted to see if she could become friends with Giudice. And it sounds like Siggy Flicker is actually closer to Teresa and Melissa these days, which could be why she’s not speaking to Laurita. Now, she’s asking fans to please stop reading fake news about their friendship, including what’s going on behind the scenes. As it turns out, it sounds like nothing is going on.


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“My plea to all of you is…. don’t believe everything you read with certain bloggers! Be Leaders. Not Followers! Listen to your gut instincts. There is fake news out there. There are apps out there today that can create fake tweets, fake text messages & we all know about all the fake accounts that certain people create with 5 followers or less in order to spread hate & to bully others. It’s just not nice. At the end of the day, I try to avoid conflict and certain situations because I know that with some people, it isn’t going to make a difference,” Siggy Flicker explained in her lengthy Instagram post.

Apparently, there have been some fake news and headlines about Siggy and her role on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, but she doesn’t point to anything specific. Instead, she hints that she can’t please everyone, which is why she isn’t willing to put in an effort with Jacqueline.

“THAT’S ALL FOLKS! I am now getting back to my family friends & life. Peace to all. Happy Holidays,” Siggy Flicker stated at the end of her lengthy Instagram post, sharing that she’s a very loyal person who wants to put her true friends and family members first.

What do you think of Siggy Flicker’s Instagram post? Do you think she will be back for a second season because she’s now friends with Teresa Giudice?

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