Pizzagate: British Version Exposed By Australia's '60 Minutes' [Opinion]

'Pizzagate' is a name that has been given to a conspiracy theory that's currently making its way around the web. The theory centers around the presence of a cabal of elitists from the U.S. who have a taste for young boys and girls. Ostensibly, these people victimize children, sexually abuse them and in some cases even murder them.

Pizzagate, according to some social media users, is very real indeed, The Washington Times reports that James Alefantis, the owner of the pizza restaurant being implicated, hence the name "Pizzagate," has been busy doing what he can to dispel the rumors he has anything to do with child sex crimes.

However, Alefantis's nightmare is unlikely to go away anytime soon, as Trump-supporting social media users are dedicated to getting to the bottom of the Pizzagate scandal.
"Reddit, YouTube, and Twitter users claim that 'PizzaGate' should not be dismissed as a baseless conspiracy theory, given bizarre and sexually suggestive images from Mr. Alefantis' own Instagram account (now set to private)."
Social media is exactly where word came from of Britian's very own Pizzagate, of which was reported out of an entirely different country.

It needs to be noted that Pizzagate has been debunked by more than a few sources, including the New York Times and Snopes. However, in the case of those pushing the conspiracy theory, mainstream media is not high on their list of trusted news outlets, hence it appears they continue to believe it in spite of it being proven false.

According to an airing of the Australian version of 60 Minutes, a Pizzagate type situation in the U.K. is not a conspiracy theory, but very real indeed, as the news organization executed their own investigation into the crimes, focusing on the British government.

60 Minutes in Australia headlined "Spies, Lords and Predators", which was produced by Steven Rice and was aired well before the Pizzagate conspiracy came about, in early 2015. The footage calls out several high-ranking Brits, including long-standing Lords and members of both Parliament and the House of Commons. Hence, it seems like a revelation of this magnitude should have been a bombshell story capable of gaining worldwide attention and scrutiny, but that's not what happened.

Three victims are interviewed during the episode. Their names, in order of appearance, are Richard Kerr, Esther Baker and "Darren," a man who preferred to remain anonymous. To these three, the dark past they're forced to live with is all too real.

Kerr, who was sent to live at Kincora Boys Home when he was nine, describes himself and the other male youths he lived with as "boy toys" for the adult men they were forced to serve.

British establishment allowed Cyril Smith (pictured) to get away with child molestation. [Image by John Williams/Getty Images]

Kerr spoke of interactions with Cyril Smith, a man who served for Parliament under Rochdale. According to Independent, during the 60's it was uncovered that he may well have been guilty of child molestation, but unfortunately he never had to answer for his crimes because high-ranking politicians, who were thought to be also sexually abusing children, didn't want him to implicate them.

Pizzagate gets its name from the fact that it is believed, via Inquisitr, the child sex crimes taking place among high-ranking politicians in the U.S. were headquartered at the Washington D.C. pizza joint Comet Ping Pong. According to Richard Kerr, much of the pedophile activity in Britian was going on in a London apartment complex called Dolphin Square, where he was taken several times as a child to meet clients for sex.

Esther Baker was six years old when she fell victim to the ring of pedophile politicians. While being interviewed during the airing, the reporter showed her pictures of two men, one a long-standing British Lord and the other an elite member of the House of Commons. Photos of the men were not shown on screen, but she confirmed that they were two of the men who had sexually abused her on a regular basis.

Leon Brittan was a member of Parliament and the European Commission. He was also one of the pedophiles abusing young children in the 80's and 90's. [Image by Chris Jackson/AP Images]

The anonymous victim interviewed, Darren, spoke of the now deceased politician Leon Brittan. According to him, Brittan liked to role play with little boys, acting out a scenario where he would "catch" the youth wearing women's underwear and have to punish them for it.

Is the Pizzagate story hiding such atrocities about American politicians?

Darren also brought up the name Peter Righton, whom he met when he was fifteen while living in a group home. Righton worked in child development for a living and Darren claims he had a preference for young boys. Darren recalls himself and other boys going with Peter to Dolphin Square, where Righton would take the boys to visit clients and engage in sexual activity.

Unlike with the Pizzagate conspiracy, the politicians and elitists mentioned throughout the 60 Minutes story are now publicly known child molesters, their interest in children no longer a well-kept secret as it would be for American government workers if Pizzagate was ever confirmed to be true.

The case of Martin Allen, who disappeared in 1979 at the age of fifteen is brought up. To this day he hasn't surfaced and his body was never found. His brother tells the 60 Minutes reporter that during an exchange he'd had with the lead investigator of Martin's case, he told the officer that he was suspicious that Martin had been taken by someone "higher up," someone part of "the establishment." The officer responded, "you keep saying things like that, you could get hurt."

According to the Evening Standard, Allen's disappearance could be connected to a place called the Elm House, where a circle of pedophiles, who happened to be establishment politicians and lawmakers, conducted business. A journalist named Nick contacted one of Allen's family members in 2015.
"According to Nick, Martin was abducted by a paedophile ring operated by a group including politicians, business people and a royal connection. The police are investigating whether Martin was one of three boys said to have been killed by that group in the late Seventies and early Eighties."
A few years before his disappearance, Martin's dad had begun working for Australia's High Commissioner, who it was found out later had more than one connection to known child sex predators.

What if it was found out that establishment elites in the U.S. were responsible for some of the nation's missing children? Are Pizzagate conspiracists aware of that potential?

With all this evidence, and there's much more than what you've read herein, it's no surprise that Pizzagate is being taken seriously by a specific group of people.

Why has the American media virtually ignored all these child molesting British politicians? Could it be because they don't want people to get curious about what's going on behind the closed doors of U.S. elites?

Pizzagate could very well be the result of paranoid Americans who are desperate to link the horrific crime of child rape to the establishment politicians they loathe. Or, who knows? They do say there's a grain of truth to every myth, do they not? What do you believe? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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