Alicia Eakins, Ralph Faba: Florida Serial Killer Obsessed With Forest Profiled On Investigation Discovery's 'Dead Silent'

Alicia Eakins vanished after a fight with her boyfriend in Florida 16 years ago. Her dead body was found eight years later. Ralph Faba, Alicia Eakins' boyfriend, confessed to the killing. Tonight, their story will be told on Investigation Discovery's crime series Dead Silent.

Ralph Faba was a serial killer in the making, according to police detectives. In addition to Alicia Eakins' murder, there were two more victims: Ralph Faba's father and a woman named Angela Durling. Dead Silent's episode covering the case is titled "A Killer in the Swamp." ID viewers will hear interviews with police investigators and family and friends of the victims.

Dead Silent: "A Killer In the Swamp" Episode On Investigation Discovery
  • When a young woman goes missing, police zero in on her boyfriend, who was the last one to see her alive. But when all leads go cold, it will take the deaths of two more people to lead them back to the forest, where the investigation first began.

Missing Florida Woman Last Seen In Boyfriend's Truck

Dead Silent begins with the disappearance of 25-year-old Alicia Mae Eakins. She was last seen getting into or getting out of her boyfriend's truck on February 27, 2000. Her boyfriend was identified as Ralph Faba. Witnesses say they had seen the couple arguing at a bar.

During the investigation into Alicia Eakins' disappearance, police discovered that she had a volatile relationship with Ralph Faba. Eakins had recently relocated to the area to get a fresh start in life and had moved in with a friend. Family members were anguished and eager to find out her whereabouts.

Pictured here: John Faba [Image via Florida Dept. of Corrections]

According to Dead Silent, the family knew the situation couldn't be good because it was unlike Alicia Eakins to lose contact with friends and family members. Faba had a shady past, and Eakins' loved ones suspected that he had something to do with whatever had happened to her. Her death made them particularly sad since Alicia Eakins' own parents were killed in a motorcycle crash when she was a small child, according to the St. Augustine Record.

Although Ralph Faba was high on the suspect list, there wasn't enough evidence to hold him. Months later, 16-year-old high school student Angela Durling disappeared. Around the same time, Ralph Faba was seen walking from the Ocala National Forest.

Eventually, Ralph John Faba was arrested for the murder of Angela Durling and received a sentenced of 40 years in prison. In 2008, eight years after Alicia Eakins vanished, Faba confessed to killing her and directed authorities to a shallow grave in the Ocala National Forest, where her remains were found.

It also came to light that Ralph Faba had killed his own father, 68-year-old Ralph Faba Sr. According to News4Jax, the body of Ralph Faba Sr. was found hanging in a wooded area. Originally, his death was classified as a suicide.

Ralph Faba had a curious and dangerous past. To get more details about the murders and Faba's obsession with the forest, tune into Dead Silent: "A Killer In the Swamp" tonight at 9/8 p.m. Central on Investigation Discovery.

Did You Know The Ocala National Forest had a dark history? (via Kidnapping, Murder, and Mayhem)

  • 1976: Twelve-year-old Dorothy "Dee" Scofield was abducted from a parking lot in Ocala. She was last seen in a car with two men heading into the Ocala National Forest. Although the forest was searched extensively, her body was never found.
  • 1966: Two beautiful girls vanished from a crowded recreation area, never to be seen again. Twenty-year-old Pamela Nater and 21-year-old Nancy Leichner were snorkeling with their boyfriends in Alexander Springs when they decided to go for a walk. They never returned, and no trace was ever found.
  • 1984: The unidentified body of a woman was found in the Lake Dorr Recreation Area in the Forest. She was in her early 20s, weighed about a 100 pounds, and wore a black T-shirt with the prescient moniker "Here Comes Trouble" written across the front.

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