‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: What You Didn’t Get To See In ‘Go Getters’

The Walking Dead Season 7, Episode 5 was full of interesting storylines featuring Maggie, Sasha, Jesus, and the people of the Hilltop. However, there were a few moments that fans didn’t get to see thanks to one scene being deleted from the episode.

According to Comic Book, actor Tom Payne, who plays Jesus on The Walking Dead, recently revealed that one scene was deleted because the producers didn’t like the way it fit into the episode. The scene was erased from the most action-packed moment of the episode when The Saviors opened the gates to the Hilltop and lured the zombies in by blaring music from a car radio and lighting multiple fires to attract the walkers.

During the scene, Walking Dead viewers watched as Maggie and Sasha were the first to see the walkers roaming inside the walls of the Hilltop. Sasha climbed out the top of the trailer she shares with Maggie and started fighting off the zombies. Later, other members of the Hilltop are also seen fighting, such as Jesus, who has become close with Maggie and Sasha. Of course, Maggie just couldn’t sit back and do nothing, so she jumped into a nearby tractor and began running over walkers and the car as well. The situation is contained and the residents end up safe for the night. The next day, Negan‘s right-hand man, Simon, returns to the Hilltop looking a bit disappointed that everyone is fine.

The Walking Dead spoilers: What you didn't see in Season 7, Episode 5 -- 'Go Getters'
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So, why and how, did The Saviors launch their attack on the Hilltop? Tom Payne revealed to Rodney Ho of AJC’s Radio and TV Talk that what Walking Dead viewers didn’t see were The Saviors easily capturing the guards at the Hilltop, as they have no weapons. Then, The Saviors locked all the Hilltop residents inside their homes to make it harder for them to deal with the hoard of walkers entering their community. Meanwhile, knowing that the Hilltop people are not trained to fight, it seemed that Simon was looking for a few casualties when he returned the next day. Instead, he found everyone alive and well.

“Payne did clear up a couple of things that were not readily apparent in the episode. He said the Saviors were able to do what they did by capturing the Hilltop guards (who don’t have guns) and tying them up. That scene was shot but the editors didn’t like it after the fact. (‘It looked like a barbershop quartet all strung up,’ he said.) The Saviors also locked all the residents inside their homes to make it more difficult for them to deal with the walkers. Plus, most of the Hilltop residents are not trained to fight. So Simon, the Savior leader/Negan understudy, was genuinely surprised when he came back the next day and found everyone alive and well and the walkers all gone and cleared out.”

The intense scene lead to another confrontation between Maggie, Sasha, and Jesus with the Hilltop leader Gregory. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Walking Dead fans who have read the comic book series are eagerly watching as Maggie begins to build her strength in hopes of seeing her comic book storyline come to fruition. In the graphic novels, Maggie becomes the leader of the Hilltop people and uses the pain from Glenn’s death to drive her and inspire her to fight for her group of survivors.

The Walking Dead spoilers: What you didn't see in Season 7, Episode 5 -- 'Go Getters'
[Image by Gene Page/AMC]

The Walking Dead Season 7 has already introduced two new sets of survivors with The Kingdom and The Saviors. In the next episode, yet another survivor group will be shown as Heath and Tara’s fates are finally revealed. All of the this is leading up to the mid-season finale in December, which could bring these groups together in order to fight a common enemy in Negan.

What are your thoughts on the latest Walking Dead spoilers? Would you have liked to see that deleted scene at the Hilltop?

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