Arrested Shooter Killed Random Police Detective Because of Bitter Child Custody Battle

Otis Tyrone McKane, the alleged shooter of a San Antonio police detective has revealed he lashed out because of a bitter child custody battle, the Chicago Tribune is reporting.

The 31-year-old was arrested by police late Monday, and while being led to jail told reporters that he was infuriated with the court system that had stopped him from seeing his child. The suspect who was arrested on a capital charge in the ambush shooting of Detective Benjamin Marconi said he reacted horribly after being frustrated and wanted to apologize to the slain officer’s family for his actions.

“I’ve been through several custody battles, and I was upset at the situation I was in, and I lashed out at someone who didn’t deserve it. “


McKane had shot the 20-year-veteran as he sat in his squad car on Sunday after making a traffic stop. The 31-year-old man had pulled up behind the police vehicle in a black sedan, walked up to the officer’s car and fired twice through the window, hitting Marconi in the head. The police detective was taken to the San Antonio Military Hospital where he was certified dead.

McKane was picked up by a SWAT team, the following day after a 30-hour manhunt around 4:20 p.m. There was a female and a two-year-old in the vehicle when he was picked up. San Antonio Police Chief William McManus said they were relieved that the arrest did not spiral out of control and that the suspect surrendered without incident.

“We are relieved he was taken into custody without further loss of life. It’s a relief for a lot of us. Everyone’s looking forward to a good night’s sleep.”

According to reports, McKane had entered the San Antonio police headquarters four hours before the shooting. The 31-year-old had spoken to a desk clerk for a few seconds before leaving. The San Antonio police chief said there were not many officers at the headquarters at the time.


He refused to elaborate about what the alleged gunman was doing in the building, citing he could not compromise an ongoing investigation. The alleged shooter had been jailed before in 2012. At that time, McKane had pleaded guilty to assault with bodily injury to a family member, he had spent 60 days in jail.

President-elect Donald Trump offered his condolences in a telephone call to Marconi’s family on Monday. His son, Dane Gregory Marconi in a Facebook post said “just got off the phone with the future president Trump, he sends his condolences to our family.”

The shooting of Detective Benjamin Marconi was just one of several attacks on law enforcement across America. In Missouri, a St. Louis sergeant was shot two times in the face as he sat in his police car. The 46-year-old survived the shooting.

St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson declined to name the officer, but admitted that the father-of-three was shot without reason.

“This officer was driving down the road and was ambushed by an individual who pointed a gun at him from inside of his car and shot out the police officer’s window.”


A 19-year-old suspect, George P. Bush III was declared a person of interest. Bush had been queried before in a slew of violent crimes including a carjacking, several robberies and a suspected killing. Dotson said the 19-year-old had known that police officers were closing in and had lashed out in an attack against a man in uniform.

“We believe he knew he was good for those crimes and that police officers were looking for him…that’s why he aggressively attacked a police officer.”

The 19-year-old was later killed in a gun battle with officers.

Two other officers were wounded in shootings Sunday.

Sixty officers have already been shot and killed this year compared to 41 that were killed in 2015. This is according to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund. Out of the 60 officers killed, 20 of them were deliberately targeted by their assailants.


The recent shootings come less than 5 months after Micah Johnson fatally shot five law enforcement officers keeping the peace in downtown Dallas after protests erupted over the killing of black males in Louisiana and Minnesota. It was the deadliest day for law enforcement since 9-11.

Ten days later, a man wearing a ski mask armed with a pistol and two rifles killed three officers near a gas station in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Only this month, two Iowa-officers were killed as they sat in their patrol cars.

[Featured Image by San Antonio Department]