Chrissy Teigen Embarrasses John Legend With No Underwear Look At AMA

Chrissy Teigen had an embarrassing moment at the American Music Awards when she had a wardrobe malfunction while posing with her husband John Legend.

Teigen was clad in a long, black dress that had very long slits that were held in place by two pins. Unfortunately, the pins did not do a good job keeping her covered and to make matters worse, Teigen was not wearing any underpants. The dress was a total flop and it ended up revealing a bit too much for the cameras. Teigen did not even seem to be ashamed as she strutted the red carpet with confidence.

John Legend thought she looked stunning in the dress but he was most likely a bit embarrassed because the dress was a bit too revealing, and Teigen did not have any underwear. It was clearly the wrong dress to wear while going commando. Critics were quick to slut shame for her choice of attire. However, it is worth pointing out that Chrissy has done a great job getting her body in shape considering that she gave birth a few months ago. She flaunted confidently, and her husband seemed to be loving it.

“John thought she looked absolutely stunning and sexy and knew there was a slight chance that the wind might blow in the wrong direction. He knows Chrissy [Teigen] isn’t shy one bit, and if she’s ok, he’s ok,” a source told Hollywood Life.

[Image by Jordan Strauss/AP Images]

Regardless of his love for his wife, Legend was most likely embarrassed when Teigen revealed too much for the public to see. After all, any man would be embarrassed if his wife got a wardrobe malfunction in public. Luckily Teigen handled it like a champ. Her outgoing character and her ability to make light of almost any situation allowed her to have fun throughout the entire duration of the event.

There was an influx of social media comments over how Teigen was dressed with most of them being hate tweets. One of the haters called her a loser who has gained fame for flashing her skin. Chrissy in her usually hilarious commentary also took to twitter to apologize for the wardrobe mishap. She wrote a rather funny tweet as her apology.

“I was walking. It floated. It’s over. I can’t take it back. Here is a formal apology. What else would you like?” Teigen replied to a criticism on social media.

John Legend Chrissy Teigen
[Image by Jordan Strauss/AP Images]

Her responses to people on social media also had a bit of humor to them. One of her followers asked her what happened to being a lady, to which Teigen responded that she is clearly a lady as evident in the revealing photos. Her sense of humor certainly comes in handy when dealing with such issues.

Teigen also took to the stage during the AMAs to introduce her husband John Legend, who was performing his new single, “Love Me Now.” She also made fun of the recent presidential election while introducing her husband. She took advantage of the moment to maintain the theme of joking about President-elect Donald Trump. Chrissy has also been known to curse like a sailor, and she did not hold back anything. Luckily there was censoring.

Teigen certainly deserves an award for a great comeback even after a devastating wardrobe malfunction. She seems to have already gotten over it while her fans and critics were clearly still bothered later on, judging by how she responded on social media. Speaking of, she also posted some of her red carpet photos on Instagram. Despite embracing her husband John Legend, Teigen was clearly confident enough to move on quickly as if nothing happened.

[Featured Image by Jordan Strauss/AP Images]