‘Big Brother: Over the Top’ Spoilers: Two ‘BBOTT’ Houseguests Are Nominated For Eviction, POV Is Won, Jason Hides Pineapple And Threatens To Wring Shelby’s Neck

Although only five people remain in the Big Brother: Over the Top (BBOTT) house, the drama has been at maximum levels over the past few days. Two houseguests were nominated for eviction, the Power of Veto (POV) competition was played, and Jason decided to hide a pineapple from his adversaries and threaten to wring one of his fellow cast member’s neck.

On November 20, the Week 8 Head of Household (HOH) Morgan Willett chose a houseguest to keep safe during her Safety Ceremony. Morgan had only three cast members to choose from since Justin Duncan was automatically safe due to receiving the last care package from America, which guaranteed him a spot in the final four. Morgan picked Shelby to save, an obvious choice since Shelby is her only remaining ally in the BBOTT house.

This meant Kryssie Ridolfi and Big Brother 17 veteran Jason Roy were nominated for eviction, which both expected. Nevertheless, this did not sit well with Jason who seems to have it out for Shelby, as on Saturday, he made seemingly nonstop cruel and vile statements about her, as previously reported by the Inquisitr.

Jason commented on Morgan’s nomination speech on November 20 at about 7:36 p.m. BBOTT house time, stating it was actually “nice,” according to Joker’s Updates. He added that if Morgan had been sassy, he was “prepared to fight everyone.” Jason continued stating his thoughts on Morgan’s speech, noting, “I’m like keep it cute… keep it clean… cause b**** you ain’t ready for me. You ain’t built like that. I’ll read every fiber of you being.”

Earlier in the day, Jason had taken the pineapple that Morgan and Shelby planned to incorporate into their meal and hid it from them. He had plans to throw it in the pool if he or one of his alliance members won the Power of Veto (POV) Monday, Joker’s Updates reports.

The bashing of Shelby, however, continued on Sunday when Jason was seen on live feeds laying in bed and talking about making things as awkward as possible for her while in the BBOTT kitchen area. He then added if “that b****” was to speak again he would “f****** wring her neck,” Big Brother Reddit reports. Jason continued noting that Shelby wasn’t really even talking about him, but offered his thoughts on her words, stating, “her opinions are s***.”

A day later, things were a bit different as on Monday the POV competition was played. The challenge was undertaken one at a time by each houseguest in the BBOTT backyard and involved players having to crawl through a maze and find three ears of corn and then race to the exit. According to Joker’s Updates, if a cast member exited the entrance or didn’t have three ears of corn when leaving the maze, these were grounds for player disqualification.

Ultimately, Jason had the fastest time and won the POV.

Because he is a nominated houseguest, he will definitely pull himself off the chopping block with the power, and the only player remaining in the house who can replace him is Shelby. This means Kryssie and Shelby will be at risk for eviction this week and Shelby will be sent home as Morgan will be the only vote to keep her safe, while Jason and Justin will no doubt vote to send Shelby packing.

Not long after he won the POV and likely felt a sense of renewed security regarding his BBOTT game, Jason decided, at the urging of Justin, to return the elusive pineapple to Shelby and Morgan by bringing it to the HOH room.


Joker’s Updates reports Jason set it on a coffee table and said, “I’m sorry,” with Shelby responding, “…that’s so sweet of you,” while under her breath noting she knew he had taken it all along. Following Jason’s departure, both Morgan and Shelby watched the monitor in the HOH room and observed Justin hugging and congratulating Jason for returning the pineapple. This made them more upset, and they theorized Jason likely came up to the room in the hopes they would beg him to vote out Kryssie and keep Shelby in the BBOTT house, which they did not do, as they’d been fooled by him before.

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