Texas Woman Yesenia Sesmas Allegedly Faked Pregnancy, Killed Kansas Mom And Stole Her Infant [Video]

Last Thursday, the case of “Baby Sophia” took Kansas by storm; it began when Wichita mother Laura Abarca-Nogueda was found murdered. Today, Texas woman Yesenia Sesmas has been identified as the prime suspect in the horrific crime. Baby Sophia was just a week old when her 27-year-old mother was shot to death in the family’s apartment, and upon discovering the grotesque crime, local police and the FBI worked in tandem to bring the tiny girl home safely.

It didn’t take long for police and other investigators working the case of the missing infant to determine that whoever had taken the child had known her mother; it was also quickly pieced together that the murderer/abductor was headed to Texas. Police zeroed in on the Dallas area, and it was there that they ultimately located Texas woman Yesenia Sesmas and the kidnapped baby, reports Fox News.

Thirty-four-year-old Yesenia Sesmas and the abducted infant were located in the Dallas area on Saturday. Police officers were able to take the Texas woman into custody without further violence, and Baby Sophia was found unharmed and has since be reunited with her loved ones in Kansas. Texas woman Yesenia Sesmas has been charged in connection with the murder and abduction.

As CNN reports, the details in the case of murder and child abduction are disturbing and grisly. They also indicate that Yesenia Sesmas spent months (at least) premeditating her crimes before carrying them out. According to Wichita Police Lieutenant Todd Ojile, the Texas woman was well acquainted with her victim.

“We believe they knew each other for a few years.”

According to investigators, Yesenia Sesmas faked her own pregnancy for months prior to last Thursday’s horrors. Then, after the Texas woman’s long-time acquaintance Laura Abarca-Nogueda gave birth to Baby Sophia, Yesenia Sesmas reportedly traveled to Kansas, shot the young mother to death, and kidnapped her week-old baby, hoping to pass the little girl off as her own child.

According to Ojile, who was sparse on details in the midst of an ongoing murder investigation, Texas woman Yesenia Sesmas had recently vacationed in the Wichita area before heading home to Texas a few months ago. On Thursday, the victim’s heartbroken boyfriend found Laura shot to death in her apartment, little Sophia nowhere to be found.

According to the family of the victim, getting Baby Sophia back safe is the best possible outcome they could have hoped for in the midst of so much tragedy. The victim’s brother, Jose Abarca, told the media that getting his niece back feels a little bit like getting a small part of his sister back after her violent, untimely and senseless murder.

“Sophia is pretty much the last that we have from my sister. I know her name is Sophia, but to me her name is going to be secretly, Laurita, like I call her. I think she’s the image of my sister. A little Laura.”

Kansas police, who worked closely with a specialized FBI investigative unit devoted to tracking and recovering abducted kids, were able to quickly determine that Baby Sophia and her abductor, Texas woman Yesenia Sesmas, were headed to Dallas.

By Saturday morning, Wichita investigators and the FBI had teamed up with Dallas police to orchestrate a raid on the home shared by the Texas woman, her boyfriend, her niece and her young son. Thankfully, the well-orchestrated raid was carried out without additional violence, and by Saturday afternoon, police were reporting that the baby had been found alive and that they had two suspects in custody; presumably, those people were Sesmas and her boyfriend.

“We can’t forget that this is the best possible outcome to a very sad case. The death of Laura Abarca will be on all of our hearts in the next coming days…. We want to do everything we can to bring this to justice.”

Police have reportedly cleared Yesenia Sesmas’ boyfriend of any crime in relation to the murder and abduction.

Local news station WFAA is reporting that Texas Woman Yesenia Sesmas has admitted to shooting and killing Baby Sophia’s mother and kidnapping the child, but she has claimed that she “didn’t mean to.” Rather, Sesmas claims that Laura Abarca-Nogueda had agreed to “give her” the baby but refused when she showed up to collect the child.

Investigators have discounted that account, claiming that the crime appears to be premeditated, as evidenced by Sesmas’ months of pretending to be pregnant leading up to the abduction.

It has also been reported by WFAA that Yesenia Sesmas is in the country illegally; the Texas woman also reportedly has connections to a Kansas child abduction/ransom case that took place over the summer, however she was never convicted.

[Featured Image by Wichita Police Department]