Kanye West Reportedly Hospitalized For Observation After Canceling Tour And Days Of Bizarre Rants [Video]

After days of bizarre rants, including one politically-fueled on-stage incident that cut short a concert and ended with his tour being canceled, Kanye West has reportedly been hospitalized. Sources indicate that, as of Monday evening, Kanye West is hospitalized for observation, reports NBC News.

The media buzz surrounding Kanye West got incredibly odd over the weekend, following an epic rant that he spewed out just three songs into his Sacramento, California performance on Saturday. As The New York Times reports, near the beginning of his set, Kanye launched into a bitter and strange tirade against Beyonce, Mark Zuckerberg, the election, the media, Jay Z and many, many more. Kanye West ended the 17-plus-minute rant with an epic mic drop.


He then left the stage, ending the show and disappointing thousands of fans. During the expletive-laden blast, Kanye even compared himself to the new President-elect, Donald Trump. Just days prior, he advised the world that he (Kanye West) hadn’t voted, but if he’d chosen to, it would have been for The Donald.

Not surprisingly, following his unexpected (and largely uncalled for) anti-everyone-and-everything, Kanye West began getting slammed by irate fans on social media. Later, it was announced that his next concert date would be a no-go; soon thereafter, fans got the news that Kanye West was canceling the remainder of his “Saint Pablo Tour” altogether. No explanation was given by Kanye or his people, but rumors ran rampant that the cancellation, combined with Kanye West’s bizarre behavior, could be signaling that the rapper was in the midst of some kind of psychological breakdown.


On Monday evening, after days of speculation and a week of strange and odd antics, the world got the update it had been waiting for. Kanye West has been hospitalized. That news reportedly comes from several sources close to Kanye and his family. The rapper is reportedly being held at an undisclosed Los Angeles hospital.

According to a source, Kanye West’s hospitalization Monday evening came following a call to Los Angeles police. It is unknown who made the call to police, but it took place at roughly 1:20 p.m. local time, and resulted in the decision to hospitalize Kanye West for his own safety. It was noted that the call to police was not the result of criminal activity, and no crime was observed when the LAPD arrived to do their welfare check.


The reports that Kanye West has now been hospitalized for his own safety come after not just one, but several, bizarre incidents involving Kanye that took place over the course of last week. In addition to his Saturday Sacramento rant, which alienated and infuriated thousands of fans, Kanye also used his microphone as a political podium on Thursday. That’s when he infamously proclaimed that he would have voted for Donald Trump. That is, if he’d bothered voting at all.

That incident didn’t do much to endear him to his audience, who reacted to Kanye’s words with a chorus of boos. It’s unknown if the concert-goers were more angry that Kanye West is a Trump fan or that West hadn’t bothered to vote.

Kanye West’s hospitalization also comes just about six weeks following his wife’s harrowing Paris robbery. As USA Today reports, that incident took place in the early morning hours of October 3, and during the robbery, Kim Kardashian was reportedly tied up and robbed for millions in jewels while Kanye West performed in New York. In fact, he got the news about the robbery on-stage, and that concert also resulted in an abrupt end for fans.

According to TMZ, when Kanye West was hospitalized Monday, he was taken to the hospital by ambulance during the incident, which did not occur at his home. TMZ has identified the hospital as UCLA Medical Center and reported that West is undergoing a psychological evaluation.

It has further been reported that before Kanye West was hospitalized, he was in the midst of being examined by his personal physician due to being extremely sleep deprived when the determination was made that he needed to be admitted to a hospital for further evaluation and treatment. It has been presumed that West’s own physician likely made that call.

Sources have reported that Kanye West was unwilling to be hospitalized and that EMTs required restraints in order to transport him.

Neither Kanye West’s family nor his reps have publicly commented on reports that the rapper is currently hospitalized.

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