‘The Amazing Race’ Season 29: 3 Reasons CBS Must Make An Official Announcement Now

The Amazing Race Season 29 has become one of the most anticipated installments in the long-running, successful reality franchise. Despite TAR 29 already confirmed to have finished filming, CBS has so far stubbornly refused to release any official information about The Amazing Race‘s latest season. With fans of the wholesome, fun reality show growing more impatient and disappointed by the day, here are some compelling reasons why the CBS must at least make an official announced about The Amazing Race 29 and when it would air.

Reason 1 – The Amazing Race 29 Is Finished

While the series that replaced The Amazing Race, the MacGyver remake, is doing fairly well ratings-wise, avid fans of the fast-paced reality TV show are clamoring for the latest installment in the long-running franchise to begin airing. Augmenting these sentiments from fans is the fact that The Amazing Race 29 is actually done filming with the race being held last Summer, around June to July 2016. This means that for all intents and purposes, The Amazing Race Season 29 is ready to air. Why CBS has refused to do so is up for speculation.

It should be noted that The Amazing Race has not really been the ratings magnet that it had been during its early seasons. Despite this, however, it still remains as one of the most successful reality TV franchises in the industry. When it debuted back in 2001, the fast-paced reality show went on to attract millions of viewers worldwide due to its fresh, new take on the reality TV genre. Over the next 15 years, The Amazing Race went on to earn numerous accolades.

'The Amazing Race' has garnered numerous awards since 2003.
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Reason 2 – It’s Still Gaining Awards Even While Off The Air

It is quite safe to say that The Amazing Race is one of the most unique reality franchises in the TV industry. Back when it debuted in 2001, the reality TV genre was headlined by the Survivor franchise, which featured competitors who were stuck in an isolated location trying to eliminate each other. TAR turned the concept on its head, featuring two-person teams who were tasked to participate in an epic race across the entire world. It was a winning formula, and it was proven by the sheer number of awards that the franchise earned over its long run.

The most recent accolade earned by The Amazing Race franchise is a nomination to this year’s Critics’ Choice Awards for the Reality Competition Show category. This is very notable because The Amazing Race was able to get the nomination despite being off the air, with Season 29 seemingly being shelved for the next few months by CBS. For a show that appears to be on hiatus still being able to attract nominations for awards is telling of just how popular and lucrative the franchise is. With this in mind, fans are definitely correct – CBS would have to be a fool to neglect The Amazing Race Season 29.

Contestants of 'The Amazing Race' are tasked to participate in an epic race that usually circumnavigates the globe.
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Reason 3 – The World Needs More Shows Like The Amazing Race

It is no secret that the world is over-saturated with reality TV, with countless series being launched by innumerable networks across the globe. While a number of these reality TV series are definitely entertaining, fans of The Amazing Race state that there is simply no other franchise like it on the air. In a lot of ways, this is true, since TAR is one of those genuine TV shows out there that enables Americans to experience, albeit from the television, sights and sounds around the world that are far beyond the limits of the United States.

Apart from this, The Amazing Race is one of the most wholesome, family-friendly TV shows in the industry. Reality TV is marred by content that caters to the most banal attributes of its viewers, as evidenced by the emergence and prominence of shows that feature tabloid content. TAR, on the other hand, does not do this. It is a simple show with a simple concept that just happens to have the best setting imaginable. Thus, The Amazing Race caters not only to the average TV viewer, it is one of the rare reality TV franchises that even the most conservative Americans can indulge in and enjoy.

The Amazing Race Season 29 is definitely ready, and its fans are feverishly waiting. Season 30’s race is even scheduled to film this Winter. While CBS might very well keep its silence for a few more weeks, possibly even months, the network would be wise to remember just how big of a franchise TAR really is. The Amazing Race has been in the air for so long that it has practically become a staple for millions of Americans. Thus, an official announcement for The Amazing Race Season 29 could not come any sooner.

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