Minneapolis Daycare Owner Hung Toddler Before Fleeing And Injuring Several On A Rampage In Her Gold Minivan

A Minneapolis daycare owner hung a 16-month-old toddler in her home before fleeing and proceeding to go on a violent rampage which resulted in the several injured people.

According to police, she hung the toddler in her home before fleeing through the city of Minneapolis in her gold minivan. While fleeing, the struck several pedestrians, before attempting to jump an overpass.

Nataliia Karia, the 42-year-old Minneapolis daycare owner, is reported to be receiving treatment at a hospital and will be charged.


The toddler the Minneapolis daycare owner hung before proceeding to go on a violent rampage through the city was saved by a parent who had just arrived at the daycare to drop off her own child. The daycare owner was no longer in the daycare when the parent arrived and discovered the toddler dangling.

“It’s horrific, horrific,” Minneapolis Deputy Police Chief Kris Arneson said during a news conference.

“We never want children to be injured; that’s part of the reason we call in our chaplains. It’s a horrific scene for officers to encounter, and the victims in this case have injuries based on her actions.”

The entire incident lasted for roughly 25 minutes and took place over three dozen city blocks. The Minneapolis Star Tribune reports the incident started at 9:43 a.m. when police officers were called to a daycare by a parent who found the toddler. In the background of the 911 call, the operators could hear the toddler who had been hung by the daycare owner crying. Just moments later, 911 calls started to come in about a woman in a gold minivan who was going on a rampage through the city of Minneapolis.

At 9:57 a.m. a man who was standing on a corner roughly 12 blocks to the east of the daycare where the toddler was hung was struck by the minivan. The man was dragged a “significant distance” by the van – breaking his bones and grazing his skin before he was able to get free from the van. The man was taken to the hospital and is expected to make a full recovery.


Two minutes later, the gold minivan the daycare owner was driving through Minneapolis struck another person. This time it was a man on a bicycle located at 28th St. East and Park Avenue. The accident broke the man’s leg, but he is also expected to make a full recovery.

After colliding with the man on the bicycle, the Minneapolis daycare owner who hung a toddler continued to drive north. She, then, struck the car of a pregnant woman. The pregnant woman, according to the Minneapolis Star Tribute, was not seriously injured in the collision.

Nicole Thomas, the 33-year-old pregnant woman who was hit by the daycare owner, reported watching the gold minivan drive away before seeing the man who was hit on the bicycle inch himself away from the street.

“I was shaken up all day,” Thomas said. “It was definitely crazy to be part of and to witness. I feel really lucky, given the circumstances.”

At roughly 10 a.m., the daycare owner who hung the toddler stopped her gold minivan at Park Avenue South near the bridge over Interstate 94. She told people passing by that she wanted to jump off the bridge.


Police reported the people passing by called 911 and proceeded to hold the daycare owner down so she could not jump off the bridge until help arrived.

At this time, police are still scratching their heads as they try to piece together what caused this Minneapolis daycare owner to spiral so far out of control.

On Facebook, the daycare owner talks about her daycare being licensed by a college-educated mother who is trained in both first aid and CPR. She describes her daycare as “a luxury home with a large fenced yard just steps away from the Lake of the Isles that has been remodeled for the safety of your child.”


What do you think should happen to this Minneapolis daycare owner who hung a toddler before going on a violent rampage throughout the city – injuring more people. Share your thoughts on this story in the comments below.

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