WWE News: ‘Raw’ Superstar And Former World Champion Takes Shot At The Undertaker

On Sunday night, the two main roster brands in WWE crossed paths as they battled for supremacy at Survivor Series. Team Raw and Team SmackDown LIVE sort of split the night as far as which show is better, but that doesn’t mean more interpromotional events are happening anytime soon. That’s what makes the actions of one Raw superstar even more intriguing as the longtime veteran proceeded to take a shot at and call out The Undertaker.

Last week on the 900th episode of SmackDown LIVE, The Undertaker made his highly anticipated return to WWE and issued a strong warning. He let the world know that he was indeed back and that WrestleMania would no longer define him.

At that point, The Undertaker also gave a warning to Team Blue and said that Team Raw needed to pay and had better “Rest In Peace.” He also told them that if they didn’t, someone was going to have to pay and he would make sure that SmackDown LIVE was represented only by the best.

WWE news Chris Jericho Monday night raw the undertaker shot idiot smackdown
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Interestingly enough, not everyone was truly thrilled by the comments which came from The Undertaker on Tuesday night. Not only did he send a true message to the members of Team Blue but also everyone on the entire roster of Monday Night Raw.

24 Wrestling pointed out that Chris Jericho, who was on Team Red, did not take so kindly to the derogatory comments by the Deadman. His threat was one that wasn’t going to go unanswered and that’s why Y2J decided to respond and take a shot at The Undertaker.

Yes, that is indeed Jericho taking a shot at one of the greatest names in all of wrestling history and calling him a “stupid idiot.”

It’s kind of difficult to tell The Undertaker to mind his own business when the entire wrestling world…is pretty much his business. Still, when something like this happens, it is going to have a lot of people take notice and WWE‘s Cathy Kelley made sure to bring attention to the strong words put forth by Y2J.

When looking at both superstars, it is really hard to take anything away from either one of them. Jericho debuted in 1990 and wrestled in a number of organizations before making his debut with WWE in 1999. The Undertaker started in wrestling in 1984 and made his debut with WWE in 1990.

WWE news Chris Jericho Monday night raw the undertaker shot idiot smackdown
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A little-known fact that many wrestling fans may not realize is that The Undertaker and Chris Jericho have never really had a legitimate feud. They have both been part of an Elimination Chamber match and crossed paths a number of times, but never really went head-to-head in a program of any kind.

Looking back over time, the two did have matches on at least two separate occasions on SmackDown LIVE, but that’s about it. Kind of strange that being in the WWE together for almost two decades and they have really only ever had two singles matches against one another.

Forbes thought that there may have been a confrontation of some sort between The Undertaker and Chris Jericho at Survivor Series, but it wasn’t meant to be. The Deadman actually never showed up at his signature event at all.

Chris Jericho is indeed a member of Monday Night Raw and The Undertaker is a solid member of SmackDown LIVE. The possibility of them having a feud and a match doesn’t seem overly possible unless it leads to an event such as Survivor Series or WrestleMania. It would be interesting to see these two really go one-on-one as it has happened so rarely and with Jericho taking a shot at the Deadman, maybe WWE is planting the seeds.

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