‘Sister Wives’ News: Maddie Brown Is Expecting Her First Child

The news is out and Maddie Brown of Sister Wives is expecting her first child with husband Caleb Brush. The fans have loved watching these two together and it was obvious that children would be coming soon. Maddie doesn’t have plans to live a polygamist lifestyle at all like her parents do. TLC shared the big news today about Maddie expecting her first child.

This will be the first grandchild for the Brown family. Maddie and Caleb were also the first couple to get married. Maddie and Caleb shared that they haven’t decided what all of the moms will be called yet. They said, “We think it would be super cute to have different names for all the grandmas but ultimately they get to choose what they are called.” It will be great to hear what each of them pick and then they can use them for future grandchildren as well.

They did have a great interview with People and share some details. The couple shared saying, “I think I’ll be the disciplinarian parent just because Caleb already has such a soft spot for the baby,” said Maddie. Caleb did agree adding “our child is going to have me wrapped around its finger.” Maddie Brown already has a baby bump and is due in May. It sounds like they waited until she was through her first trimester to share with the fans.

Maddie and Caleb are not related at all, but they did already know each other and have family members related to each other. The second that Kody Brown found out Caleb was the one Maddie was interested in he was thrilled. The entire Brown family has made it very obvious that they like Caleb and think they are a great match. Right now, they aren’t sharing their thoughts, but they should come out soon. Everyone would love to hear how Kody Brown feels about becoming a grandpa.

Maddie said, “We are both really excited and anxious. I think every soon-to-be parent is anxious, but we have so much support from both sides of our family.”

Of course, being an older child in the Brown family she already has some experience with small children. Maddie knows what she is doing and will be just fine. She did move away from her family to be with Caleb, so that will make things harder on her. It doesn’t sound like they are too worried about anything right now.

The show Sister Wives with the Brown family will return on November 27. Everyone is really excited for this season and that is when you will get to see Maddie Brown and Caleb Brush get married. Hopefully, they will be sharing about finding out they were pregnant and telling the family as well. This season will also have a lot to do with Meri Brown deciding how things are going to work now that everyone knows about the catfishing scandal. Robyn Brown just had a new baby and it looks like there are more relationships coming for the Brown children.

The rumors have been doing wild about Sister Wives and the upcoming season, but everyone is going to just have to wait and see how it all plays out. So far, things are looking good for the Brown family and this new news about the baby has everyone excited.

Are you surprised to hear that Maddie Brown and Caleb Brush have a child on the way? Do you think that Maddie has found her perfect match? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss Sister Wives when it returns to TLC on November 27. New episodes will air every Sunday night on TLC.

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