'Once Upon A Time' Spoilers: Details Of Hook And Emma's Wedding -- Will They Have Their Happily Ever After?

Hear ye! Hear ye! Once Upon a Time has cordially invited TV viewers to the nuptials of Killian Jones and Emma Swan on May 7, 2017. The two Storybrooke characters are finally getting hitched after a somewhat torrid relationship in which they have battled plenty of evil along the way, and that includes the previous death of the groom. However, they found a way to overcome all of that and are about to marry. Details are slowly emerging about the wedding of the season, and it looks like it will be quite a fairy-tale ending to an epic romance.

Now that Killian has hooked the savior into becoming his wife, they can finally live happily ever after. The big day is coming up shortly, and Entertainment Tonight was able to nab a few details on the upcoming wedding, which also happens to be a musical episode. Once Upon a Time fans may have thought that something will stop these two from getting hitched, but it sounds like they will become husband and wife before the final battle begins.

As seen in the photos that ET posted, Killian looks quite dashing in a black velvet tux. When it came to designing his wedding attire, executive producers Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis chose to go with a tux that they thought would make the pirate shine and fit his unique personality.

"We felt like he had to have a little edge to it so the velvet felt like the Hook-version of fancy."

Colin O'Donoghue certainly wears it well. The 36-year-old actor described the tux as being quite soft. His Once Upon a Time character has his official hook attached, which gives his outfit a special flare for his wedding day.

Of course, the bride is always the star of the show. Emma Swan will be walking down the aisle in a gorgeous lace gown fit for a princess -- or in her case, fit for a savior. Her long blond hair is swept up into a pretty bun with a lacy headdress covering it. The photos give a hint of what's to come.

Both of Emma's parents, Charming and Snow, will be walking her down the aisle. Henry is seen in the background holding the storybook in his hand as he watches his mother marry the man of her dreams. Regina is standing right there beside him as well. Who would have ever guessed that the Evil Queen, who was out to destroy the entire Charming family in the first season, would be happily supporting the wedding of their daughter in Season 6?

Once Upon a Time producers decided to turn this wedding into a musical as well. Entertainment Weekly dished some details on the May 7 episode titled, "The Song in Your Heart." There are seven original songs that will be sung by all of the major characters, including Emma, Hook, and a few of the other Storybrooke residents.

The music is geared towards Emma's journey from where she was when she first arrived in Storybrooke until now. She went from being an ex-jailbird to the savior who is about to fight the final battle against the black fairy. She also happens to be the daughter of two characters in a fairy-tale book, which was unbelievable to her in the first season of Once Upon a Time.

Once Upon a Time Hook and Emma
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According to Kitsis and Horowitz, this is Emma Swan's story of being able to finally trust and to love again. They also revealed that each song is designed to fit each character individually as to how it relates to their own story, and also to the bride. It is going to be one epic episode, with two well-loved characters tying the knot with their Storybrooke family surrounding them with love, and of course, music.

Will Killian and Emma really have their happily ever after? Stay tuned to find out. Also, see what happens as the final battle looms on the Season 6 finale of Once Upon a Time on May 14.

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