Queen Elizabeth Inviting Donald Trump To Windsor Castle After Inauguration, What Will They Discuss?

Queen Elizabeth will reportedly invite Donald Trump to Windsor Castle after he’s inaugurated into office as the President of the United States next year. It’s a state visit the country and the rest of the world will enjoy watching.

Queen Elizabeth will send an official invitation to Donald and Melania Trump once the President-elect officially holds office. The visit is anticipated to happen next summer, according to the Sunday Times.

The queen is going to give Trump a congratulatory message upon his inauguration, which will take place on January 20, 2017. Queen Elizabeth hasn’t commented on the 2016 election, but Donald Trump has received congratulatory gestures from other British politicians. Trump met with Nigel Farage, the former leader of Britain’s UKIP party who was said to spearhead the Brexit campaign. Farage has extolled Trump as an exemplary figure in American politics, impressed with his fervor and determination in leading a nation.

According to the report, it’s customary for the queen to extend a formal state invitation for a sitting U.S. president during the leader’s term in office. She’s met with every U.S. president in her reign as queen since 1952 with the only exception being that of Lyndon B. Johnson.

Presidents make several trips to the U.K. for official state occasions, but a state visit hosted by Queen Elizabeth is a celebrated affair replete with glitz, glamor, and extravagance. When Donald Trump and his wife visit Queen Elizabeth next summer, they won’t be staying at Buckingham Palace because the queen resides at Windsor Castle during the summer months.

The Independent speculates on what Queen Elizabeth might be genuinely interested in conversing with Donald Trump about, and the enthralling topic wouldn’t be about politics because the controversy surrounding Trump’s campaign alone isn’t something the queen would dare approach. Additionally, Trump mentioned Princess Diana in an interview with Howard Stern, admitting that he would’ve jumped at the chance to sleep with her even though she was “crazy.” So, what subjects will Queen Elizabeth and Donald Trump discuss?

Buckingham Palace needs renovations estimated to about $456 million. Given Trump’s taste for excess, especially when it comes to ornamental decor, the queen may pick his brain about interior design, the Independent surmises.

“If she agreed to it being restyled ‘Trump Buckingham Palace,’ on the lines of the sadly defunct Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City, only more blingy, he might even pay the £369m for the work himself,” the article reads.

Speculations aside, England’s reigning queen and the incoming president will presumably cover an array of topics important to the solid alliance between America and the U.K.

Donald Trump is known to adore the royal family and an invitation from Queen Elizabeth will likely be one of the highlights of his presidency. He’ll be President of the United States, but his lifestyle resembles that more of a king. He lives in a penthouse akin to a royal palace itself, perhaps more over-the-top than any of the queen’s castles in England.

Some may already be wondering when Donald Trump meets Queen Elizabeth, will Prince William, Duchess Kate, and Prince Harry also be present? It might be a tad bit awkward considering what Trump has said about William and Harry’s mother. It may be a while into Trump’s presidency when he meets the younger royals. Those arrangements typically happen when the royals make state visits to America. The only other royal Donald Trump might meet when he visits Queen Elizabeth is her husband, Prince Phillip.

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