‘NCIS’ Season 14: Ellie Bishop’s Family Life Explored

Ellie Bishop may not be the most popular character on NCIS Season 14, but that isn’t stopping the showrunners from delving into her life. Episode 8 of the current season is going to explore her family life in more detail as an unexpected visitor turns up.

It’s Thanksgiving on NCIS this week — as it is for the rest of America — and Bishop’s family is showing up for the holiday. “Enemy Combatant” will see her three brothers surprising her, which involves turning up at her apartment when she isn’t home. Surely knowing that she is a federal agent, they would think carefully about this idea. As expected, Bishop will have her gun locked and loaded, knowing that there are intruders in her home.

It isn’t going to be easy for Bishop, as she has to entertain her three brothers in this week’s episode of NCIS Season 14. While they’re visiting for Thanksgiving, all they’re doing is making a mess while watching TV. She isn’t happy with their intrusion, and the episode stills shared by Christian Today for NCIS Season 14 Episode 8 will show her giving her brothers something to think about.

As the episode progresses, we’ll find out more about the man who has captured Bishop’s heart. It turns out that her team members and her family have no idea about this guy. It seems Bishop prefers to keep her love life separate from both her family and work lives. Does that mean she’s dating someone she shouldn’t, or is she embarrassed about the man she is dating? Could it actually mean that she’s actually embarrassed about her biological and work families?

While her family arrives and there are questions about her love life, Bishop’s history with the National Security Agency (NSA) will show up. NCIS fans will remember that Bishop originally worked with the NSA as an analyst. When she worked out the identity of the mole, Gibbs brought her onto the team after the departure of Ziva David. Bishop will also find herself in Gitmo because of the case she is working on.

There are various theories regarding Bishop’s new love interest in NCIS Season 14. One of those is that she is dating MI6 Agent Clayton Reeves. Fans will remember that he is going to be a series regular during this season, but he has only shown up once so far. Bishop did mention him in the Season 14 premiere when she visited Scotland, saying that they met up and his stamina was “incredible.”

Is it possible that she is dating the British agent but wants to keep it quiet due to cross-agency politics? Do both Bishop and Reeves respect the need to keep personal and professional lives separate?

Another theory is that she and Torres are now dating and have decided to keep it private. These speculations have been spreading due to Emily Wickersham, who plays Bishop, sharing various photos on Instagram of her and Wilmer Valderrama, who plays Torres, together on the set. The theory has also spread due to Quinn asking the two if they are dating, with Torres replying yes, in the promo.

It is time for a little more information on Bishop. She has been the one NCIS character least explored, although her mother did appear last Thanksgiving to give a little bit of insight. The introduction of Quinn this season also helped give a little insight into who Bishop was during training, and she was as many fans expected. Now it is time to find out more about her family and likely her past before joining the NSA or NCIS.

Jesse Bradford, Jesse Johnson, and Ryan Doom will appear as Bishop’s three brothers in this week’s NCIS Season 14. They will play John, Robert, and George, respectively, according to the International Business Times.

What do you think about the upcoming episode of NCIS? Are you excited for more information on Bishop? NCIS Season 14 continues on Tuesday, November 22.

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