Was Kyle Kennedy Aaron Hernandez’s Gay Lover? Lawyers/Authorities Contradict Over Suicide Notes, Bisexual News

Kyle Kennedy is rumored to be Aaron Hernandez's gay lover in prison. Speculations about the former NFL star having a prison boyfriend started after it was discovered that he apparently left one of his suicide notes for that person. There were three notes left beside the Bible in his cell. The other two were addressed to his fiancée and daughter. Hernandez's attorney Jose Baez, however, has claimed that news reports that claim that his client was a bisexual are false. According to him, the former New England Patriot players did not leave any note for Kennedy.

Kyle Kennedy is rumored to be Aaron Hernandez's gay lover
Kyle Kennedy is rumored to be Aaron Hernandez's gay lover. [Image by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images]

Baez has talked about news reports that claim Aaron Hernandez left one of the notes for his gay lover. According to the attorney, the bisexual claims are "malicious leaks," which are being used to tarnish a person who is no more. The lawyer who led the defense for convicted killer and former New England Patriot Aaron Hernandez adamantly denied that the former football star penned a suicide note to a gay lover, while his attorneys asked a court to dismiss his murder conviction.

Baez's claim comes as the suicide notes were released to Hernandez's family, as per an order from Massachusetts Superior Court Judge Thomas McGuire. The judged asked the authorities to release the notes to the family before his funeral. Authorities have declared that the notes have been emailed to the family soon after receiving the judge's order.

The judge's order came after Attorney George Leontire fought for the family's right to have Aaron Hernandez's suicide notes that would provide the closure it desperately needed. Leontire said that the family had every right to know what Hernandez's final thoughts were before he took his life. The family earlier decided to donate Hernandez's brain for research about any possible brain trauma due to his NFL career.

Baez's. Hernandez's attorney claims the third note was not addressed to Ky;e Kennedy.
Baez's. Hernandez's attorney claims the third note was not addressed to Ky;e Kennedy. [Image by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images]

NBC News talked to Paul Jarvey, a spokesperson for the Worcester County District Attorney's Office, on Monday regarding Aaron Hernandez's suicide notes. Jarvey confirmed that one of the handwritten notes were addressed to Hernandez's fiancée, Shayanna Jenkins-Hernandez, and another to his daughter. When asked about the third suicide note, Jarvey said that the information he had about it was "unclear."

However, Kyle Kennedy's lawyer Larry Army claimed that Hernandez did leave a note to Kennedy. According to Army, his 22-year-old client was quite "saddened" by the death. He, on the other hand, said that he had not seen the note. He did not clarify either about how he came to know about the note. At the same time, he did not address Hernandez as his client's lover.

"We will be requesting that the letter be turned over to my client a soon as possible," Army said.

Army's statement is a direct contradiction to Baez's. Hernandez' lead attorney has claimed that the third note was not addressed to Kennedy or anybody else.

"Notwithstanding my unambiguous statement that there were no such letters, representatives, on behalf of an individual named Kyle Kennedy, continues to advise the media such a gay love letter exists," Baez said in a statement. "Accordingly, on behalf of the family of Aaron Hernandez, I am reaffirming, unequivocally, no such letter to Mr. Kennedy, or any other individual, in or out of prison, exists."

Hernandez's fiancée Jenkins-Hernandez earlier filed a motion to prevent the state from destroying potential evidence related to his death. Her motion is intended to preserve every piece of evidence. According to the motion, she wants an investigation into the circumstances related to Hernandez's death.

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