Gigi Hadid Comments On Melania Trump In AMA 2016

Gigi Hadid made an impression of Melania Trump during the AMA 2016 awards, which she co-hosted with Jay Pharoah.

Gigi Hadid took to the stage with Pharoah after an opening performance from Bruno Mars with his new hit single, “24K Magic.” The two presenters proceeded to get the crowd in a good mood as soon as they stepped on the stage. They started off with a series of jokes about Donald Trump. They started off on a light note and then really got in there with the heavy jabs.

“Green Day is performing, and a white guy is the President. It’s the ’90s all over again!” stated Pharoah.

Jay has gained fame for skillful impressions on Saturday Night Live. Gigi had clearly done her homework on her co-host and was clearly eager to show that she could also throw down some masterpieces of her own. Hadid chose Melania Trump as the victim of her mockery. Gigi specifically made fun of how Melania’s speech, which was copied from a speech made by the first lady, Michelle Obama.


“I love my husband, President Barack Obama and our children Sasha and Malia,” said Hadid in a fake accent while squinting her eyes.

Hadid was mocking the speech that Melania gave at the Republican National Convention, which she was said to have plagiarized from Michelle Obama. The impression was so good, it was almost as if Hadid was trying to take the crown of awesome impressions from Pharoah. The model revealed that she had been working on the Melania impersonation throughout the week. Prior to the impression, Hadid said she had to get Melania’s face right.

Melania Trump
[Image by Julie Jacobson/AP Images]

Pharoah approved Gigi’s impression of Melania Trump before he performed his own impression of Donald Trump. Following the hilarious commentary, people took to social media to express their anger about the hosts making fun of President-elect Donald Trump and his wife. It was not clear why Hadid and Pharoah were chosen to host the event given their different career lines but once they were on the stage, everything became clear. Both of them are good at keeping people excited. They were both funny and they got along just fine on stage. The event almost turned into an episode of Saturday Night Live. It was certainly a new side of Gigi that most people do not get to experience.

Aside from the hilarious jokes, the two hosts looked dapper in their outfits. Gigi started out with an elegant and long Atelier Versace dress featuring a waist-high slit. Her co-star was clad in a dark brown suit but he was clearly no match for Hadid, who did not shy off from showing off her amazing curves. She followed up with numerous other outfits and her second one featured a Julien Macdonald white blazer, which she complemented with matching shorts that showed off her legs. The third outfit that she wore on stage was another long dress, cream in color and featured metal tassels.

Gigi’s fourth outfit was a black dress that was quite conservative compared to her last outfit. It covered her neck, revealed a bit of cleavage and a bit of her legs thanks to a long slit. And finally, the last dress did a good job making a statement because it was a see-through jumpsuit with sparkles. She managed to pull off the quite a show of beauty and it seemed like yet another day of modeling for her.

Gigi Hadid
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The AMA event was a huge success thanks to the combination of glamor and amazing commentary. It is not easy determining whether Gigi’s comments about Melania Trump or her outfits were the highlight of the day.

[Featured Image by Matt Sayles/AP Images]