Zayn Malik And Niall Horan Meet Up At American Music Awards: One Direction Five Member Reunion One Step Closer?

Kim McLendon

One Direction's Niall Horan and Zayn Malik were having a great night at the American Music Awards Sunday night. It was an amazing evening for 1D fans, with Zayn winning the new artist of the year award according to The Mirror, and Niall Horan performing his new single "This Town."

One Direction's reunion is going to happen, according to Niall Horan it's inevitable, and it is just possible that Zayn Malik may join them. Nothing is definite yet about Malik, but fans can always hope. Today there are two reasons to believe it is at least one or two steps closer than before.

One Direction's Niall Horan told Entertainment Tonight he was looking forward to seeing Zayn Malik at the American Music Awards. Zayn and Niall have not seen each other in quite some time. Niall, alone at a music award ceremony for the first time in his life, says he's eager to talk with Zayn.

"I haven't spoken to him in a few months or whatever, and haven't seen him in a while, so I'm looking forward to seeing him."

"Yeah, that's the thing I been asked a lot today. It's obviously different, buts it's different because there's no one else around, but I've been enjoying it so far, the performances that I've done and it's been fun and yeah I just really enjoyed it."

— neila (@hesadoresnjh) November 21, 2016

"The fact that Niall will be there only adds to the pressure for Zayn because he wants to be his best in front of his old bandmate."

Zayn Malik has been accused of slamming and shading again in his American Music Awards acceptance speech. Zayn made a slight joke that only his name was on this award before saying he was surprised that so many fans still voted for him. Zayn thinks people are still angry about his leaving One Direction, and his whole point was that people love him enough to vote for just him, not just because he's part of a group where the other guys are more popular. Malik is quoted in The Mirror.

"This just says my name on it, right? It's been a crazy year. I can't thank the people who have been with me every day for the past year enough. To this very point, being stood on this stage is crazy. My family, my mum, my dad, everybody in my family who's been supporting me this last year, especially my dad actually, so thank you, dad. Also big, big, big thank you to my f****** fans because you guys have been sick. I didn't expect anybody to still vote for me so thank you for voting for me. I'll put it on my fireplace."

Zayn Malik's girlfriend Gigi Hadid co-hosted the American Music Awards, or AMAs, so Z gave her a huge hug and a kiss after accepting his award. Gigi and Zayn are virtually inseparable these days. Malik even went to Fashion Week with Gigi, both in New York and in London.

The American Music Awards aren't the only ones plotting for a One Direction reunion, though. Rumor has it that James Newman may be working behind the scenes to bring the guys back together.

James Newman, brother of pop icon John Newman, is collaborating with three members of One Direction on solo material. James is working with Liam Payne, Niall Horan and most amazingly, Zayn Malik. Newman told the Daily Star he plans to be working with all three, and hopes he can bring them together.

"I'm working with Liam already and I'm going to be working with Zayn and hopefully Niall because I know him."

In Zayn Malik's book Zayn, Z makes it very clear that he really left One Direction because he was suffering and didn't understand fully why. In hindsight, Malik sees that he was suffering from anxiety and an eating disorder, but at the time he was unable to reason all that out.


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Niall Horan suffers from acid reflux disease which can also be stress related. Niall may understand Zayn Malik's problems a bit better than Malik would imagine.

Niall Horan has extended the hand of friendship to Zayn Malik, and while nervous about seeing Niall again at the American Music Awards, Z surely appreciates it. Malik is really going through some serious emotional problems but hopefully, Z knows he is loved. It is highly doubtful that Niall or any of the other One Direction members take offense at any of Malik's alleged shade.

Niall Horan, Liam Payne, and Harry Styles know Zayn Malik. They worked with him almost daily for five years while they were all in One Direction. Surely, they of all people understand.

Will Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson all reunite as One Direction in mid to late 2017?

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