Indianapolis Colts Vs. Pittsburgh Steelers: Bold Predictions For NFL Week 12

The Indianapolis Colts and Pittsburgh Steelers are set to face off on Thanksgiving Day in what will be a tough AFC matchup. Both teams are hoping to contend for a Super Bowl appearance, but have had inconsistency issues throughout the course of the 2016 NFL season to this point.

Andrew Luck and the Colts are coming off of a hard-fought win over the Tennessee Titans in Week 11. Luck has been playing at an MVP caliber level this season and has led the Colts to a 5-5 record. Indianapolis needs help on the defensive side of the football, but their offense has been getting the job done so far.

Ben Roethlisberger and the Steelers have a 5-5 record as well at this point in the season. Pittsburgh was at one point looking like a serious AFC contender but lost four straight games before finally winning in Week 11 against the Cleveland Browns. If the Steelers want to get back on track, they have to win this week.

Needless to say, this game will have playoff implications. While we all enjoy Thanksgiving dinner, these two teams will be fighting with everything they have to improve their playoff chances.

All of that being said, what bold predictions can be made for the Colts vs. Steelers game in NFL Week 12 action?

Andrew Luck Will Rack up 300 Yards, Four Touchdowns

Pittsburgh’s defense will have their hands full with Andrew Luck this week. Luck is going to put up big numbers and will rack up 300 yards and four touchdowns on Thanksgiving Day. Indianapolis has a lethal passing game, and it will be clicking on all cylinders on Thursday night.

Le’Veon Bell Carves Up the Colts for 130 Yards, Two Touchdowns

Just like the Steelers’ defense will have their hands full with Luck, the Colts’ defense will be overwhelmed by superstar running back Le’Veon Bell. He is still considered to be one of the elite backs in the NFL and may even be the best all-around running back in the league. Bell is going to carve up the Colts’ defense for 130 yards and two touchdowns this week.

Indianapolis Forces Two Interceptions

Vontae Davis and the Indianapolis secondary may have a lot of holes, but they are capable of making a play or two. Ben Roethlisberger doesn’t make a lot of mistakes, but he will make two this week. Indianapolis will pick Big Ben off at least twice throughout the course of the game.

Pittsburgh Sacks Andrew Luck at Least Five Times

Speaking of defense, the Steelers are going up against an incredibly weak offensive line. Indianapolis allows Andrew Luck to take a beating and that will be the case once again this week. Pittsburgh will get to Luck and sack him at least five times throughout the course of the game.

The Indianapolis Colts Come Through with a Huge Win

Chuck Pagano and the Indianapolis Colts were all but done just a few weeks ago. Now, they are poised to move to 6-5 on the season with a huge win over the Steelers. It won’t be easy, but the Colts will get the job done when everything is said and done on Thursday night.

Expect to see these two AFC rivals battle down to the wire. Neither team is that much better than the other, even on paper. Even though that is a fact, the Colts are going to find a way to win the game and make the necessary plays down the stretch of the fourth quarter.

Do you think the Indianapolis Colts or Pittsburgh Steelers are going to win this week’s matchup? What are your final score predictions for the game? Let us know your thoughts in the comment box below!

[Featured Image by Darron Cummings/AP Images]