WWE News: No, The Shield Is Not Getting Back Together And Their ‘Survivor Series’ Moment Was A One Time Thing

On Sunday night at WWE Survivor Series, we saw all three Shield members reunite to put AJ Styles through a table but really shouldn’t read too much into this. Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns happened to be on Team RAW in the men’s WWE Survivor Series traditional tag team match. Meanwhile, Dean Ambrose was on Team SmackDown Live.

Ambrose was eliminated early in the contest due to an issue with AJ Styles, the current WWE World Heavyweight Champion and opponent for Ambrose at WWE TLC in two weeks. The two got into an argument and shoving match which caused a RAW team member to take advantage and eventually go for a pin. Styles had an opportunity to help break up the fall but chose not to.

This led to the elimination of the former WWE World Champion, which certainly caused him to get ticked off. That led Ambrose to return later in the match to go after AJ Styles. This led to security coming out to get rid of him. However, seeing that they needed to get rid of AJ Styles, Reign and Rollins would help get security off of Dean Ambrose long enough for them to get AJ Styles in position for the old Shield powerbomb through the announce table.

Ambrose Styles
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It was a good moment that got everyone talking, which you expect any time there is a possibility that The Shield could return to the WWE. However, you should not expect a full-on reunion whatsoever. The entire reason Ambrose even came back out had nothing to do with Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns and everything to do with his disdain for AJ Styles over what happened earlier in the match.

It just so happened that his issue at the time lined up enough with the one Reigns and Rollins had at the same time, so they ended up working together to reach a common goal. That goal for Ambrose was to hurt Styles and get him eliminated like he got Ambrose hurt and eliminated. Rollins and Reigns wanted the WWE World Champ gone as well.

All of this means that Dean Ambrose and his boys from The Shield are by no means back together, they simply just worked together for a moment due to a common hate at that time. This does not mean that the team is back together, nor should you assume that they will get back together in the near future. Opportunities to work together for common interests will come up when all three are in the same place at the same time, for sure. However, a total move of reuniting them cannot go down for a while.

Shield Survivor Series
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The reasons are pretty simple. First, despite issues getting over Roman Reigns is a singles act that WWE feels will be their top performer for years to come. Meanwhile, Seth Rollins is simply one of the company’s top guys and a great singles act on his own. Dean Ambrose also works great by himself and is helping WWE SmackDown Live as one of their top stars. All three are former World Champions and all three are top stars as singles performers on their respective shows.

Second, Dean Ambrose is on WWE SmackDown Live while Reigns and Rollins are on WWE RAW. That means even if the three men wanted to get back together for another run in the swat gear, they couldn’t because they are on two different brands. All three are essential pieces in their brand, and it would make sense to put them together anyway. That said, the idea of these three men getting back together over a small Survivor Series reunion doesn’t make sense, and it isn’t happening any time soon.

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