Gallup Poll: Latest Survey Shows Romney Has A Five-Point Lead, Other Polls Offer Differing Figures

The latest Gallup daily tracking poll shows Republican candidate Mitt Romney with a five-point lead over President Barack Obama. The survey of likely voters places the president at 46 percent and the GOP challenger at 51 percent. When looking at the poll’s responses from registered voters, Romney leads Obama 48 to 47 percent, well within the margin of error.

The political poll is a rolling seven-day average of responses through October 22. The statistics include responses garnered since the second presidential debate last week, but do not reflect voter reaction from the final campaign debate.

Tuesday’s Gallup poll results illustrate the seventh straight day of Romney holding a minimum of a five-point lead over Barack Obama, according to The Hill. A Reuters-Ipsos poll revealed on Monday showed a tie between the presidential candidates, each listed at 46 percent

An ABC News-Washington Post poll offers yet another set of conflicting likely voter responses. Although the figures in the poll do not indicate a tie like the Reuters-Ipsos survey, it does show both men in a virtual dead heat. The ABC News Washington-Post poll shows Obama edging out Romney 49-48 percent, also well within the margin of error.

The Real Clear Politics polling averages indicate that Mitt Romney has 47.7 percent of voter support and President Obama has 47.1 percent. The statistical averages reportedly do not include the latest Gallup daily tracking poll.

A Rasmussen poll places Romney up by five points in Florida. The latest polling figures show the Republican nominee at 51 percent and the incumbent at 46 percent. A Fox News poll shows a narrower lead for the GOP candidate in the Sunshine State, 48-45 percent. The Public Policy Polling agency has the challenger leading 48-47 percent.