'Pokemon Sun' And 'Moon': How To Catch Shiny Pokemon

Some trainers have to catch them all in Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon. Others have to catch them all shiny.

Shiny Pokemon are a quest of capture for many players who have picked up Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon. Unsatisfied with the look of a normal Pokemon, players hunt the extremely rare versions of virtual monsters. A shiny is like a badge of honor, signifying that the player is either lucky or dedicated to farming the uncommon versions of the originals. Generations of Pokemon installments have been dived into and explored for the sake of obtaining a method of catching them easily. With Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, that method comes in the form of a new feature to the game.

In the latest Pokemon games from Nintendo, we find that there are both new and familiar ways to catch shiny Pokemon. In a report by IGN, it's explained that shiny Pokemon can be caught using the game's S.O.S. feature. The S.O.S. feature is when a Pokemon calls for help after being brought to low health. When the new Pokemon appears, there's a chance that it will be the shiny counterpart to its kin. The great thing about this method is that the more Pokemon that appear, the more likely they will be shiny. In that sense, players will want to keep up their survival for as long as possible.

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon also have items that will make farming shiny Pokemon much easier. In conjunction with the S.O.S. Pokemon farming, players can purchase the adrenaline orb. With this item, wild Pokemon are more prone to call other Pokemon in to help. This will naturally increase the amount of Pokemon that will appear with the chance to be shiny. Furthermore, you'll want your Pokemon to be able to sustain damage for the duration of your farming. With this in mind, a move that heals health points is ideal.

In a report by Twinfinite, there's also the method of breeding your own Pokemon for a chance to receive a shiny. This method is widely known across Pokemon games, and it works well for those who simply want to travel and hatch eggs instead of relying on wild Pokemon. The Masuda method is similar to this, allowing trainers to breed Pokemon of varying languages to gain a higher chance of a Shiny Pokemon. If you breed a Japanese Pokemon with an English one, chances are you're closer to getting a shiny Pokemon than normal.

If you want your starter Pokemon to be shiny, you're going to be resetting your game quite often unless you're lucky. There are players who receive the shiny on the first try, and there are some who reset hundreds of times to no avail. The chance of acquiring a shiny Pokemon are low, so it's completely random and up to the game to bestow players their coveted starters with a Shiny coat.

Ultimately, farming methods lessen the hassle of trying to gain shiny Pokemon. With Pokebank scheduled to update in January to support Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, players will most likely find even more ways to breed and battle their way to the extremely rare virtual monsters. Natures could also come into play for those who want to battle competitively. Thankfully, there are abilities like "Synchronize" that will give a greater chance of the opposing Pokemon having the same nature as yours. All in all, Pokemon Sun and Moon seem to be catering to all types of players.

Do you care about shiny Pokemon when capturing them? What's your experience with Sun and Moon granting shiny during wild Pokemon battles? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

[Featured Image By Nintendo]