Drake’s New Apple Commercial: ‘Swift Gains’ Is Distractingly Hilarious

Drake debuted his new Apple commercial via Instagram, and it’s quite entertaining. Also, he tosses Taylor Swift a plug. Teamwork makes the dream work.

As you’re probably aware, Drake and Taylor Swift have been in the news lately — not for Apple commercial topics, though.

Several rumors have been in play that Drake and Swift are secretly in a relationship. Yet, USA Today notes the rumor as just that — a rumor. However, while Drake did introduce Taylor to his mom, the two are supposedly just collaborating on new music — and apparently new Apple commercials.

Although it’s just a close musical friendship, here’s a depiction of how they’d look as a couple. It’s doable, right? “Draylor”?

Drake’s Apple Commercial Or Taylor’s?

Last year, Taylor Swift gave Drake a plug in her Apple commercial. As Swift stepped on her treadmill, she placed her earbuds in and turned to Drake’s and Future’s “Jumpman” song from the What a Time to Be Alive mixtape.

She was singing along to his lyrics when, suddenly, she tripped. The Apple commercial’s tagline stated, “Distractingly good.”

Well, it’s Drake’s turn. In his new Apple commercial, Drake’s getting his workout on, in his personal gym with a personal trainer.

As the video begins, you can see Drake is doing dumbbell reps, and he calls it “light work.” Drizzy’s spotter leaves shortly thereafter.

Seemingly not wanting anyone to hear him play Taylor’s “Bad Blood,” Drake makes a quick check and notices everything is clear.

Once Drizzy turns on the song via Apple Music, the commercial amps up. Drake is in the mirror dancing to the track and singing along.

However, as many workouts go, Drake decided to return to the bench for another set.

No, Drake!

And, what’s the No.1 rule of the gym? You don’t lift without your spotter present. That’s a no-no.

Yet, Drake’s the man and tries it anyway. That’s when the Apple commercial takes a turn.

When Drake can’t raise the bar, it collapses on his chest, and he falls off the bench. It’s a workout blunder much like Taylor’s Apple commercial. Both commercials ended in the same tag, “Distractingly good.”

If you want to see the commercial for yourself, watch the video below.

Drake has had a long-standing deal with Apple Music. He actually chose Apple over Jay Z’s T.I.D.A.L. — which kind of opened another can of worms.

Yet, as you can clearly see, Drake’s new Apple commercial is a big hit. Within 15 minutes of posting it to Instagram, Drake’s commercial literally accumulated 1.5 million views.

Even Swift has responded to Drake’s Apple plug via Twitter.

According to Verge, she actually wasn’t feeling Apple Music‘s service at first. However, she’s appeared in several commercial spots. Maybe the endorsement and payout outweighs her past reluctance to the product?

Whatever the case, she and Drake seem to be on the same team, and fans are loving it. The source mentions that it’d be great if Apple could get Drake and Taylor to write a jingle together. That would certainly be a commercial worth watching.

Drake Brings It Home

In other Drizzy news, you’ll be glad to know he was just recognized at the American Music Awards.


According to Huffington Post, while Drake didn’t win Artist of the Year — and wasn’t even nominated — he did win a gang of other awards. The list is located below:

  • Favorite Song – Soul/R&B – Rihanna and Drake, “Work”
  • Favorite Artist – Rap/Hip Hop
  • Favorite Song – Rap/Hip Hop – “Hotline Bling”
  • Favorite Album – Rap/Hip Hop – Views

Yeah, it seems that Drake has quite the fan base in the United States, right? He showed up and showed out.

This is all in addition to Drake’s new Apple commercial. You can’t deny it. Dude is winning.

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[Featured Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]