WWE News: Did The Shield Just Reunite During The ‘Raw’ Vs. ‘SmackDown’ Men’s Match At ‘Survivor Series’?

When the superstar draft happened back in the summer, everyone wondered who would go where in WWE. As soon as Dean Ambrose landed on SmackDown LIVE when Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins were selected to Monday Night Raw, any hopes of a reunion of the “Hounds of Justice” seemed to go out the window. Well, defying all the odds, The Shield just reunited during the men’s elimination-style tag team match at Survivor Series.

In the third and final Raw vs. SmackDown LIVE elimination-style tag team match, the men of both brands battled it out. On one side of the ring, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins partnered with their Raw teammates. On the other side, Dean Ambrose teamed up with four men from Tuesday nights.

The match was extremely chaotic, and there was a good bit of it that was quite forgetful, but not one moment.

wwe news the shield reunite reunion seth rollins dean ambrose roman reigns survivor series
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During the match, Team Blue teammates Dean Ambrose and WWE World Champion AJ Styles began battling with one another. Shortly after that, Ambrose ended up being eliminated from the match while Styles continued to fight.

At one point, Reigns and Rollins were fighting against the remaining Raw members when Ambrose returned to the ring and attacked Styles in the ring. He sent the SmackDown LIVE champion outside to his former brothers in The Shield, and things got really interesting.

Security and referees came out to stop Ambrose from attacking Styles, but his brothers wouldn’t have it. Reigns and Rollins attacked the security and referees to get them off of Ambrose and freed him from their grasp and that is when it happened.

Yes, Roman Reigns put AJ Styles up on his shoulders and lifted him high into the air. Seth Rollins then got on one side and Dean Ambrose got on the other for the three members of The Shield to triple-powerbomb Styles through the announcer’s table.

Soon after that, Styles was rolled into the ring and eliminated from the match. At this point, Ambrose finally returned to the backstage area.

Even the official Twitter account of The Shield retweeted the video from the WWE account. Not much needed to be said except for the small caption that read “SIERRA HOTEL INDIA ECHO LIMA DELTA” which is the way their theme music always started.

From that point, the only remaining members were Rollins and Reigns for Raw while the new Wyatt Family of Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton were still around for SmackDown LIVE. As recapped by the official website of WWE, it ended up with Team Blue getting the best of Team Red at Survivor Series on this night.

Still, The Shield reunited. They did.

wwe news the shield reunite reunion seth rollins dean ambrose roman reigns survivor series
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For a brief moment at Survivor Series, The Shield did indeed reunite and come together as one team, as one unit, as the “Hounds of Justice” again. Even after that, The Wyatt Family came together in the ring (Bray, Orton, and Luke Harper) and it seemed like one of the great feuds of the past was coming back.

That didn’t end up happening as WWE let the Survivor Series match play out and end with SmackDown LIVE getting the win. Maybe one day, The Shield will have a true reunion, but it happened briefly tonight and it was awesome.

Tonight’s Survivor Series is something that sort of saw the brands of Monday Night Raw and SmackDown LIVE determine who is better. Still, not a lot was actually resolved as the night was split and most teammates fought against one another. After it was all said and done, though, there was indeed a reunion of The Shield even if it was quite short. Maybe there is hope that Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, and Roman Reigns will be brothers again in the future.

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