Barron Trump’s Needs Put First: Public Reacts To Melania Trump And First Son Not Moving To Washington, D.C.

When news emerged that Melania and Barron Trump wouldn’t be moving to the White House, mixed reactions followed. It’s unprecedented for a president’s wife and children not to relocate to Washington, D.C. and reside in the White House. Just about everything revolving around Donald Trump’s election is unprecedented, however.

The New York Post reported that Melania and Barron Trump wouldn’t be relocating to Washington, D.C. — at least not yet. Sources reveal that the first family want to remain in Manhattan at Trump Tower mainly for the sake of Barron staying at the school he’s attending. The presidential campaign was “difficult” on the 10-year-old boy and it was a time he relied even more on his mother for stability. As a result, they got “closer,” one source shared.

Barron Trump currently attends Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School in Manhattan’s Upper West Side. The youngest Trump child loves his school, the sports, and other activities he participates in. With all of the adjustments intrinsic to being a member of the President-elect’s family, Barron will have at least one steady routine in his life when his father takes office in January; continuing school with his current class. His parents have decided not to make an immediate move to Washington, D.C. so he can finish the fourth grade. This news has sparked mixed reactions with some lauding the Trump’s for putting their child first and others chastising them for trying to have it both ways by staying in New York instead uprooting to Washington, D.C.

Melania stayed home to care for Barron while her husband was on the campaign trail. She doesn’t rely on nannies, preferring to be a stay-at-home mom. When the New York Post tweeted their report, several reactions followed.

Among some of those supporting the news that Melania and Barron Trump will remain in New York:

“She is a mother, she has a 10-year-old child to take care of, do you not have any respect for that? Shame.”

“A mother who puts child’s education over ego & a spouse who supports her deserve Parent of the year award!”

“She wants her son to finish the school year. Do you think that’s bad? I don’t.”

“That’s a great idea! @MELANIATRUMP is a Mother first & I truly respect that! Barron needs to be around his friends & familiarities~”

An equal amount are unimpressed with the idea that the first lady and first son won’t live in the White House:

“If she cared that much, she should have told her husband to drop out or she’d divorce him for the sake of the kid.”

“She’s first the First Lady. She’s not the first mother either. They need to get it together.”

“The kid has six months of school. Hardly a big deal.”

“The security burden added to NYC and its residents is selfish and unnecessary. And yes, even until June.”

Most of the concerns of those criticizing the Trumps for staying put in New York had to do with concerns that it would cost the taxpayers more money in security and resources. Many in and around Midtown Manhattan will be very inconvenienced having Trump Tower act as a makeshift White House. Heavy protection will snarl traffic and make life an overall hassle for local businesses and residents.

Melania and Barron Trump will live anything but a normal life regardless of staying at their NYC penthouse. Barron will be driven to school in an armored car and a team of Secret Service agents will have to check the building to ensure it’s safe for him. A source explains that an undisclosed number of Secret Service agents will be assigned to Melania and Barron.

Melania Trump will commute to the White House when needed and will eventually move there with Barron. Trump will issue a statement soon regarding the living arrangements, another source revealed.

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