President-Elect Confirms That Barron Trump And Melania Won’t Be Moving To The White House For Several Months

President-elect Donald Trump confirmed that his youngest son, Barron Trump and wife, Melania, won’t be moving to the White House for several months. Trump has not given a date when they will be moving in, but for now, they will remain in the family home in Trump Tower — at least until Barron finishes the school year.

Per the Washington Post, Trump said that after the inauguration, he would move to the White House but Melania and 10-year-old Barron, a fourth grader, would join Donald Trump at a later time. The fourth-grader now attends a Manhattan prep school, per the Washington Post.

“Very soon. After he’s finished with school.”

Melania Trump’s decision to not to live in the White House, at least for now, is nearly unprecedented. There is not one first lady from the 20th or 21st century that hasn’t moved in on Inauguration Day. However, the decision of the president-elect’s wife to not immediately move to Washington, DC is not surprising. She has kept a low profile throughout the campaign, with the exception of her speech at the RNC and an interview with Anderson Cooper in support of her husband.

She has also stated previously that although she has a business and any work that she does is scheduled around Barron’s needs. Per the New York Post, a source close to the family said that Melania is a hands-on mom that takes care of Barron herself— without relying on nannies.

“She is really devoted to Barron.”

In an interview with People last fall, Melania made it clear that she doesn’t see her role as a campaigner or a political figure, but as a mother to her son. She acknowledged that because Trump was gone a lot on business and later on the campaign trail that spending needed time with Barron was most important.

“My husband is traveling all the time. Barron needs somebody as a parent, so I am with him all the time.”

During the same interview, Trump explained how his son, at that time, felt about the prospect of moving to the White House, added People.

“It’s a little scary for Barron. He thinks he is going to be taken away from friends. But I tell him if this happens, Daddy will help people, and can help children like him, and that makes him happy.”

The media has noted that Barron will be the youngest boy who has lived in the White House since John F. Kennedy Jr. lived there. JFK Jr. was born two weeks after his father was elected president and lived in the White House for the first three years of his life.

When the current president Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama moved into the White House, their eldest daughter Malia was 10 and the youngest Sasha was seven. Malia is now 18 and has graduated from high school and is taking a gap year before she enters Harvard University. Sasha is 15 and will stay in the D.C. area with her family and finish high school at the Sidwell Friends School — a private school that both sister Malia and former first daughter Chelsea Clinton graduated from.

Barron Trump is Melania’s only child so he, like Chelsea, will have to make new friends at school once he settles in Washington and keep in touch with old ones from New York.

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