Korean Girls Try American Television Dinners For The First Time — Digitalsoju TV Continues Experimental Trend Of Introducing International Cuisine To Korean Culture [Video]

When it comes to the sudden spike of interest in Korean cuisine outside of South Korea, it would be no surprise if the reasoning for its popularity is its presentation through Korean film and television (K-movies and K-dramas respectively). To be frank, we can actually thank K-movies and K-dramas for not just popularizing Korean cuisine internationally, but making sure those who are interested are having food as close to authentic as possible. Simply watch the Total Variety Network (tvN) K-dramas Let’s Eat, Let’s Eat 2, and Drinking Solo (also known as Let’s Drink) to further understand just how well Korean cuisine is being promoted. It is Korean food porn.

Unfortunately the same cannot be said about Koreans and their view on international cuisine, especially American cuisine. As a result, a YouTube channel known as Digitalsoju TV is doing an experimental trend of introducing international cuisine to a select cast of Korean girls. Pertaining to American cuisine, they had the Korean girls try out American barbecue and American-style pizza. Though they thoroughly enjoyed the American barbecue, specifically pulled pork with coleslaw and spare ribs, the American-style pizzas were truly a culture shock. For those who do not know, South Koreans literally put some very unique toppings and sauces on their pizzas including pickles, all kinds of seafood, and even potato wedges. For reference, all one has to do is compare Domino’s Pizza here in America to that of South Korea. Right now, their latest concoction, a braised pork pizza, is doing so well simply because Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Gum are promoting it.

Domino's Pizza (in South Korea) released their latest pizza, the braised pork pizza. It has huge chunks of cheese and shredded pieces of braised pork. [Image by Domino's Pizza]

Needless to say, Digitalsoju TV is introducing Koreans to a new world of cuisine that is untouched by Korean preferences and most of the time, they like it. However, they also at times introduce food and beverage products. For example, they had Korean girls try out American and Mexican sodas. Now, the latest product they are having them try are American television dinners. The questions that need to be answered are if they liked it, and if they did like it, which American television dinner did they like the most?

Digitalsoju TV had a three groups of girls — Famous model Ji Eun Kim (shinningjenna on Instagram), Hye Young, and Ye Seul in one group, Yu Sun and Yu Eun in another group, and YouTuber Ari of Ari Kitchen and Lindsay in the final group — try out three different television dinners. The first dinner was Salisbury steak. The second dinner was fried chicken. And the third was the traditional Thanksgiving turkey dinner. The three groups of girls tried each television dinner one at a time criticizing and complimenting details of each. Though opinions were generally unique and positive, all of them seemed to like the brownie in the Salisbury steak dinner and were surprised just how good the turkey tasted with the cranberry sauce. All of them also ranked the Salisbury steak to be the least appealing out of the three.

Probably the biggest surprise for the Korean girls was when they found out how much American television dinners cost as they average around $3. To be more precise, Digitalsoju TV used the Hungry Man brand of television dinners. According to Walmart, each dinner was priced at $2.67 before tax. That is cheaper than some of the ramen noodle cups sold in South Korea and it is technically a complete meal. With that in mind, the Korean girls wondered why such food products were not sold in their food markets, as some of them said they’d be eating American television dinners all the time if they were available simply for convenience.

Ultimately, having the Korean girls try out whatever international cuisine or food and beverage product is, as mentioned earlier, an experimental trend. Will the international cuisine and food and beverage product catch on in South Korea? Only time will tell. But until it happens, Digitalsoju TV will continue to produce content introducing South Korea to more and more international cuisine. Right now, they are working on a huge project in which they teased a return to barbecue as well as barbecue sauces.

[Featured Image by Digitalsoju TV/Official Facebook Page]