‘Survivor: Game Changers’: Zeke And Sarah Plot Big Move And Final 3 List Leaked -- Spoilers

Survivor: Game Changers is back on CBS tonight at 8 p.m. and these veteran players aren't going down without a fight. Tonight, the recently outed Zeke Smith is in the crosshairs because of a power play he tried (and failed at) last week, but he's not stopping, and Sarah Lacina seems to have flipped on Debbie Wanner's alliance and is working with Zeke. Lots of action is on deck tonight, and a final three Survivor list was recently leaked on Reddit that is shocking.

An 'Inspirational' Episode Of Survivor

Survivor: Game Changers host Jeff Probst teased in the new video trailer for tonight's episode (see below) that this was one of the most inspirational moments he's seen on the show. In one of tonight's two challenges that takes place on the water, it seems that something touches Probst so much that he calls it out and devotes special attention to it.

Given that the challenge is on the water, could someone throw their game to help a fellow Survivor in trouble? The video promo below shows tiny Tai Trang sliding down an obstacle and Cirie Fields looks to be in tears. The promo says "One castaway brings them together," and new Survivor spoilers from CBS might just reveal who this inspirational peacemaker is. We'll find out tonight.

Andrea Goes After Shady Survivor Castaway

The latest Survivor: Game Changers promo also has Andrea Boehlke going after Zeke tonight calling him out saying, "Everyone here knows you're shady." It doesn't seem the Survivor castaways are cutting Zeke any slack for being outed by Jeff Varner at the recent Tribal Council. Debbie thinks she's got control of the tribe and a six-vote majority, but that falls apart.

Sarah sees that Zeke is the target and Survivor: Game Changers spoilers straight from CBS say that a friendship falls apart when someone is caught manipulating another's game. But, come on, that's the whole point of Survivor. It looks like tonight's "A Line Drawn in Concrete" episode will be more emotional than ever as tensions run high among the returning players.

Final Three Leaked – Is It Legit?

The Reddit group Spoiled Survivor is known for getting things right and they recently leaked a Survivor: Game Changers final three list with the remark, "It's as confirmed as source spoilers can ever be." The three names leaked are all strong players and include the uber strategic Sarah Lacina, former NFL star Brad Culpepper, and superfan Troyzan Robertson.

That's a solid final three if these Survivor: Game Changers spoilers from Reddit are true. It wouldn't be the first time redditors have scored a big coup. Last year, Reddit spoiled an entire season of kills from Game of Thrones with eerily accurate spoilers that leaked just as the 2016 season of the HBO hit show kicked off. We'll know in a few weeks if Reddit got it right again.

Who Goes Home This Week On Survivor: Game Changers?

More Survivor: Game Changers spoilers from Reddit sources tease it's one of three on the chopping block – Zeke Smith, Debbie Wanner, or Sierra Dawn-Thomas, with some teaser sources leaning heavily toward Sierra. Others cite the absence in upcoming CBS press photos of human Swiss army knife and multi-purpose Survivor Debbie being the ousted party.

The tribe letting Zeke go sooner rather than later also seems inevitable on Survivor: Game Changers simply because he's got the transgender advantage in his back pocket that could score him more jury votes if he made it to the end. However, as of now, the latest Survivor: Game Changers spoilers predict Zeke won't make it much further in this season of the CBS reality show.

Survivor: Game Changers 'Oh Black Water' Challenge Preview

If you don't know, Survivor has what's called a "Dream Team" of mock participants, one that's a substitute for each castaway in the game. This team pre-tests the challenges before the real castaways get to run it. Below is a new preview of tonight's water challenge run by the Dream Team so you can get an early look at the big bad challenge. We'll see it in all its glory tonight on CBS at 8 p.m. on the latest episode of Survivor: Game Changers.
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