These Tweets Featuring Funny Thanksgiving Stories Will Have You Saying ‘Stick A Fork In Me, I’m Done’

Thanksgiving is just days away, and people are taking to Twitter to share their favorite Thanksgiving stories in some seriously funny Tweets.

Mom Says Say Grace Before Eating


Twitter user, @tharealversace, uploaded a video for his funny Thanksgiving story. He tweeted, “Mom: say grace or you not eating thanksgiving dinner. Me:” The video serves as his reaction and features him lip-sinking to Whitney Houston’s “I love the Lord, He Heard My Cry.” Jay Versace get’s very into his performance despite a few wardrobe malfunctions.

Mom Just Wants to Keep the Peace While Dad Throws a Turkey at Son

Video contains language NSFW. This funny Thanksgiving story shares an inside look at one family’s dinner. The video starts out with dad praying to the Lord to “please find Jesse a job come Monday morning. Amen.” The whole family seems to agree with this plead and blesses it with an amen. That is, all except for Jesse who is highly offended that his dad would embarrass him like that in front of everyone. “Real funny dad. Make me look like a stupid idiot in front of the whole family,” Jesse says. Mom interrupts the argument by asking Jesse to “just say something you’re thankful for.” After mocking the family’s practice of giving thanks to the Lord, Jesse plays along. “I’m thankful for the food…. Wal-mart does a bang-up job.” “I’m grateful for video games,” he continues while the family seems to react with “are you serious” type reactions. Finally, Jesse says and “I’m grateful for mom for buying me the X-box One after my d*ck of a dad destroyed it.” At this point, dad has had enough and stands up and starts throwing dinner rolls at Jesse. You just have to watch to see what happens next in this funny Thanksgiving story Tweet.


All Dressed Up With Nowhere to Go

@jasxxv tweets a funny Thanksgiving truth.


She’s certainly not wrong! Every other day it’s okay to eat dinner in your pajamas if you want, but on Thanksgiving and Christmas, you better bring out real pants!

Living it Up on Thanksgiving Break

@OutfitHaven shares a funny Thanksgiving story in the form of three pictures that will leave you wondering what you just saw. They tweeted “How I plan on spending my thanksgiving break.”


One image is a boy in the bathtub with his shorts on, eating chicken wings from a plate that he has on the toilet seat, complete with dipping sauce and a glass of ice water. Who does this?! Another image shows a boy in a jacuzzi tub full of bubble bath with only his face showing, which is totally normal. Then the final what-did-I-just-see image of a man sleeping on a couch with his body contorted in a way that almost allows his foot to touch his shoulder.

Escape, Escape!

@abarty_intheusa tweets a funny Thanksgiving story that all too many people can probably relate to this November. It says “When things seem like they are about to get political at the Thanksgiving table” and features an image of the escape key on a keyboard.


On Thanksgiving and Kanye West

Kanye West made headlines recently for his rant on stage at his recent tour. He said I didn’t vote, but if “I were to have voted, I would have voted Trump. Black people, stop focusing on racism. This world is racist, okay?” Fans booed him and were highly unhappy with the star’s new political stance. Here’s the NSFW video in case you missed it.

Twitter user @RyanAbe tweeted a funny Thanksgiving story that references Kanye West’s latest blunder. “Kanye West is like that one crazy cousin you have that randomly flips s**t at thanksgiving dinner because someone forgot to make carrot cake”

Things That Ruin Thanksgiving

The behind the scenes story of turkeys on Thanksgiving Day is probably the funniest Thanksgiving story yet.

What’s your funniest Thanksgiving story? Share in the comments below!

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