Yao Ming’s Golf Game Needs A Little Work [Video]

Yao Ming needs a little work on his golf game.

The former NBA star recently participated in the Mission Hills World Celebrity Pro-Am in China over the weekend. There’s no word on Ming’s final tally, but judging by a video clip of the 7-foot-6 star trying to hit the golf ball onto the green, things didn’t go too well for Ming.

The video, which was uploaded by Basketball Bro News, is starting to get a lot of attention because of Ming’s awkward swing.

The description reads: “Yao starts a new career in golf in his retirement. He is so tall and it is a little hard for him to play well in golf.”

Which pretty much sums it up. It must be really hard to hit a golf ball when you’re towering above it.

Ming played 8-years in the NBA and was an all-star during every one of those years (with the exception of 2010 when he was injured). Ming had 9247 points, 920 blocks, 4494 total rebounds, and, surprisingly, two three pointers during his career.

After his retirement, Ming started to work to ban shark fin soup in China. And apparently, he’s also starting to work on his golf game.

Here’s a look at Yao Ming playing golf.

Ming’s swing may not be pretty but it is slightly better than sir Charles Barkley’s.