New ‘The Flash,’ ‘Supergirl,’ ‘Arrow,’ And ‘Legends Of Tomorrow’ Latest Teaser Trailer Spoilers For The CW’s Epic Four Night Crossover Event

Even though the new The Flash trailer just released for the big CW crossover event was more of a teaser than the last one and much shorter, it also gives us a better idea about just what’s going on in this crossover. This video shows us Supergirl traveling with the Flash and Cisco and meeting the whole gang.

Trailers for movies or television shows can be pretty deceptive if they are cleverly edited together. The last trailer The CW released for the crossover event showed us little snapshots – apparently from across the shows – including the Flash encountering the alien spacecraft, the aliens themselves and his decision to gather together his “super friends” to help fight them.

Supergirl, Arrow and crew in new The Flash crossover
Supergirl, Arrow and crew in new The Flash crossover. [Image by The CW]

As reported by Entertainment Weekly, the aliens in question are known in the comic books as “The Dominators,” a name that in itself makes it clear they haven’t come to Earth to bring harmony, peace, and freedom. And interesting characteristic of these villains in the comic books is that they had the ability to control people’s minds.

The earlier 45-second trailer we saw seemed to suggest this mind control near the end when Diggle was apparently trying to kill Flash and the Green Arrow and Oliver wasn’t too happy about the mess Barry had gotten him into.

The second crossover sneak peek makes it plain that Supergirl was the last member of the team the Flash gathered since he clearly had already contacted everyone else so they could assemble at the somewhat cliché abandoned warehouse.

It’s also obvious that the introductions that took place in last week’s video trailer for The CW crossover happened in the same scene as – and immediately after – everything that happened in this second video. In fact, while the earlier slightly longer trailer showed our superheroes interacting and fighting in many different locations, this one was entirely focused on Supergirl’s arrival.

At first, everyone seems fairly skeptical about her, apparently expecting an alien to look – well – alien. It almost seemed as though Barry had hopped across universes to pick up a date. Oliver/Green Arrow actually says, “Barry, I thought you were bringing an alien.”


Despite Barry’s reassurances that Supergirl is actually an alien, Jay/Firestorm from the Legends of Tomorrow crew continues this line of thinking when he asks, “What makes her so super?” These doubts seem to be pretty much eliminated – at least in Diggle’s mind – when she flies up and burns a Superman/Supergirl emblem into the concrete floor with her heat vision.

It’s at that point that the introductions from the previous trailer must have taken place. It’s interesting to note that the only person in the scene who is actually dressed as a superhero is Supergirl. Everyone else is basically in street clothes.


The odd thing is, even Barry didn’t wear his Flash costume when running through the breach Cisco created to and from Supergirl’s universe. There may be some plot point for why this is the case that hasn’t been revealed, but at this juncture, it may be just because they want to slowly introduce Supergirl to everyone else’s abilities, instead of all at once. That way, she can be impressed with them too.

On the other hand, it could also be that the aliens have already taken over much or all of the planet, forcing the various superheroes to keep a low profile while they organize their resistance to the alien invasion.


The new The Flash trailer doesn’t really provide more clues in this area, but presumably, one or two more clips will drop over the next week or so leading up to the start of the CW crossover. Of course, nobody likes spoilers, so it might be better not to know exactly what’s going to happen.

[Featured Image by The CW]