‘Battlefield 1’ Graphics: EA DICE Responds To Alleged Downgrade Due To Fall Update

Battlefield 1 has launched across multiple platforms, and fans have eagerly jumped into the tides of war.

Known for its head to head run against Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Battlefield 1 was anticipated to be the CoD killer. However, it looks as though a recent update may be causing some graphical issues that users are beginning to notice. It’s no news that an update can cause issues to a game, but this one may be significant enough to have given the World War First-Person Shooter a downgrade.

Originally, the fall update for Battlefield 1 was designed to address key issues. According to Gamesradar, the biggest changes to the game were meant for mechanics purposes. For instance, one of the biggest changes appears to be the release of squad leaders who go inactive. If an order request is given with no response within 60 seconds, the current leader will be relieved of position and another player will be chosen to take the reins. Attackers in Operations will be given more tickets, giving them a bigger advantage against defending opposition.


The Suez conquest map in Battlefield 1 has also received a change. No longer will teams be able to hold the entire map; two more capture points have been added, along with an armored car to increase the action between both sides of the battlefield. Light machine guns have also been given a boost, becoming more feasible in combat. All in all, the fall update was designed to fix these issues and more. However, such highlights are being dwarfed by the number of complaints about the quality of Battlefield 1.

According to iDigitalTimes, Battlefield 1 has received such criticism that publisher DICE has given a response. Where are the complaints coming from? Multiple forums appear to have surfaced. The most notable difference in the base game in comparison with the update stems from the lower frame rate. Such an issue is certainly cause for fuss, and players are stating that multiple platforms are having the same issue. Textures also appear to be giving the game problems.

DICE representatives took to Twitter to discuss this, specifically the thought of the update changing the game’s quality. Producer David Sirland was approached by the Battlefield community in regards to the changes, having this to say in response.

“Graphics has not been downgraded,” Sirland began. He made this statement clear, going on to add that there were texture adjustments to ensure that Battlefield 1 remained consistent. While he assures players that the update has had no drastic changes, he notes that lower resolutions could be loaded and come into play at different times.


It goes without saying that an update for any game has the potential to cause issues. The Division is one such game, having needed multiple changes to make the game playable. It appears that Battlefield 1 is in a similar boat, though it hardly takes away the ability to play the game like the formerly mentioned. A report by DSO Gaming shows examples of how Battlefield 1 has suffered change, especially by users who have screenshot and specified the areas that seem to have been hit the hardest.

DICE has stated that they will be investigating this issue, giving fans hope that Battlefield 1 will return to the state that it has allegedly fallen from. Obviously, there are some who don’t care for graphics. Still, frame rate drop and texture change can certainly be an eyesore. While a patch may be in sight, it’s hopeful that DICE won’t lose faith from fans.

How do you feel about the fall update for Battlefield 1? Do you feel that the quality of the game has changed for you? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

[Featured Image By EA DICE]