Arkansas Senator Fears ‘Obama Cult’ Undermining Donald Trump Presidency

Could Donald Trump’s presidency be endangered by a cult of Obama followers? That’s what Senator Jason Rapert of Arkansas fears, according to a video he posted Saturday evening. After reading about a movement of President Obama’s supporters to block what they see as the most dangerous and harmful effects of a Trump Presidency, Rapert says he was so concerned, he had to make a rare late-night appearance on Facebook Live to address it.

Though the article that so concerned Rapert is a Politico piece entitled Obama Loyalists Plot Trump Resistance, found here, it’s hardly the only story across the nation of citizens against Donald Trump’s policies and even his presidency. There have been calls for electors to refuse to cast their votes for Donald Trump, in hopes of denying him the office altogether. Protest marches have been organized to declare that certain policies Trump has discussed — like a border wall and Muslim registry — won’t be accepted.

Donald Trump protest -- Obama Cult rising?
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And yes, Politico author Sarah Wheaton says that right now, Obama loyalists — which is to say current and former appointees, campaign volunteers, and others connected to the current POTUS — are organizing to minimize the effects of some of Donald Trump’s most controversial potential moves.

In Rapert’s video, he quotes portions of the article.

Here are some highlights of Rapert’s commentary, interspersed with a few of his tweets over the course of the Obama Presidency.

He warns that listeners’ spines should be chilled by the following line, which in turn quotes Liz Jaff, who started working with the Obama campaign in 2008. Using the term “Obama Cult,” Rapert reads:

“He’s our Jesus Christ. We’re crazy,” said Jaff, not without self-awareness. “It’s 10 years later, and we’re still obsessed.”

Referring to the sitting president by his full name, Barack Hussein Obama, more than half a dozen times, Rapert warns that Obama is endangering attempts to make America great by opposing Donald Trump, and says that a sitting President “threatening to mount resistance” against an incoming President is unprecedented.

He warns that Barack Obama and his cult following have “been very successful” in erasing the history of America’s Founding Fathers by teaching that Thomas Jefferson and George Washington were slave owners, and creating “dark areas” such as Black Lives Matter and Occupy Wall Street.

“These are the same people who are telling college students that they want you to keep protesting, keep resisting Donald Trump and Mike Pence, and really, what they’re doing is resisting America and the will of the American people.”


Rapert worries aloud that the resistance will prevent Donald Trump and Mike Pence from governing effectively, and says he hopes the Trump Administration will make investigating George Soros a priority.

Rapert has a list of other things he hopes that Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions, if appointed Attorney General, will do, including enforcing Federal Law over states that have legalized medical marijuana.


He says that Obama’s refusal to prosecute marijuana cases is a matter of,

“..dumbing down the nation, into wanting to smoke pot all the time.”

He says he hopes the POTUS has a chance to see this video and sends a message:

“You’re a defeated foe…We’re not going to let you turn the country upside down with these riots [and your] vow to mount a Trump resistance in this country.”

He adds that if Obama doesn’t like America, then rather than fighting Donald Trump’s policies, he should leave.


He warns that what he calls an Obama Cult is a sign that America is in trouble, that Obama has removed the Pledge of Allegiance and prayer from public schools, and asserts that through Donald Trump, God is giving a chance to get America back on track.

Donald Trum could face resistance from what Ark Senator calls 'Obama Cult'
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The U.S. Courts Educational Resources page notes that the Supreme Court struck down mandatory prayer in schools in 1962, finding it a violation of the Establishment Clause.

Rapert closes his video with a prayer, in which he thanks God for Donald Trump, and for Trump’s stance on abortion and religious freedom, and asks God to speak to Barack Obama’s heart and lead him to unify behind Donald Trump.

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