’90 Day Fiance’: Nicole And Her Mom Face Off During Reunion Special [Video]

Season 4 of TLC’s hit reality TV series 90 Day Fiance is coming to an end, but the drama still continues for long distance couple Nicole and Azan. Nicole’s mother, Robbalee, still does not approve of her daughter’s relationship with her Moroccan boyfriend, and mother and daughter went head-to-head against each other onstage during the reunion special.

Earlier this season, fans were introduced to Nicole, a 21-year-old barista and mother to a toddler named May, from Bradenton, Florida, who was in a long distance relationship with her 23-year-old boyfriend, Azan, who is from Taroudant, Morocco. Throughout the season of 90 Day Fiance, fans followed along as Nicole left her young daughter behind in the states to finally meet Azan for the first time in his home country. They spent five weeks together as they tried to figure out if their relationship could work.

But they hit a few bumps in the road. Their problems mainly stemmed from Nicole’s struggle with understanding the customs of Azan’s Muslim religion and culture, and Azan’s harsh way of speaking to Nicole. They bickered and fought, but ultimately Azan proposed to Nicole and she arrived back in the United States with a new ring on her finger.

Nicole’s mother, Robbalee, does not approve of Azan and the way he treated Nicole while she was visiting with him because he told Nicole that she needed to lose weight and told her that he didn’t care about her during one of their arguments, The Wrap reported.

Then Robbalee finally put her foot down during the 90 Day Fiance season finale. Once she returned from Morocco, Nicole started the process of applying for a K-1 Visa which would allow Azan to enter the United States under the condition that the couple would marry within 90 days. But since Nicole makes less than $25,000 a year as a barista, which is less than the required salary to officially sponsor her fiance, she asked Robbalee to sponsor Azan instead, and her mother refused, TV Ruckus reported.

In a clip from the 90 Day Fiance reunion special, Nicole and her mother sat down onstage with show host Erica Hill. Hill asked Robbalee if she is still against the idea of helping her daughter financially in order to have Azan come over to the United States so that they could get married.

“Yes, I am,” Robbalee said.

Hill asked her to clarify that she would not offer to help at all and Robbalee shook her head no.

“Because I feel like this is something she needs to do on her own. She’s gonna have to dig deep for this one,” Nicole’s mom said.

Hill then turned to Nicole and said that Azan seemed upset or disappointed when he learned that her mother wouldn’t agree to sponsor his visit. She also mentioned that he also didn’t seem surprised that she said no, and Nicole said that he wasn’t surprised either.

Finally, the host asked Robbalee if she wants her daughter to marry Azan at all.

“Well, I don’t think it’s an ideal situation. I think it needs a little more revisiting,” Robbalee said, then addressed Nicole. “I know you love him but I’m not convinced on the other side.”

During the 90 Day Fiance reunion special, Robbalee said that she is convinced that Azan is not in love with her daughter, and she explained that she could just tell by the way he talks to her that he doesn’t love her.


“I see the look on his face,” Robbalee said. “When someone is in love, they’re animated, you can see it. You can hear it in their voice.”

“Maybe everyone’s not as animated and passionate as we are,” Nicole told her mom.

Hill asked Nicole if she trusts Azan and Nicole said she does, but Robbalee told her that she doesn’t trust him. Nicole said she didn’t care whether her mother trusted her fiance or not.

“But that’s me being a mom,” Robbalee said. “It’s my prerogative, I can be that way. And one day you’re gonna be a mom of a teenager and I can’t wait. I can’t wait, payback coming soon.”

“I know, and I’ll probably say the same thing,” Nicole said laughing. “If May did that, oh my God. I would take the time off and go to Morocco with her though, just sayin.'”

Watch the full clip from the 90 Day Fiance reunion special below.

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