PDP NFL Faceoff Controller — Wired Controller For Any NFL Fan [Opinion]

With the NFL season in full swing, PDP released their NFL Faceoff Xbox One and PC controller, allowing any NFL fan to represent their team while playing their favorite game. The NFL Faceoff controller comes standard with a faceplate made to look like a regulation football — in fact, it’s built from the same material. PDP’s plan for this is to appeal to NFL fans desire to represent their favorite team, as the controller’s faceplate is detachable. PDP has made a faceplate to represent every team in the NFL. Each PDP controller comes with a voucher to get your favorite team’s faceplate as well, so there’s no need to find the right one in the store.

The NFL Faceoff controller sells for $59.99, and, as stated before, is a wired controller usable on the Xbox One or your Windows PC. The controller itself doesn’t reinvent the wheel — it’s laid out just like you’d expect the Xbox One controller to be, though there are a few quirks that do take some getting used to. The PDP controller’s bumpers are a bit weird, especially when going from a Microsoft-made controller to the PDP. They simply feel too clunky on the PDP NFL Faceoff controller. Same with the analog sticks — the padding on them feel much different and take some getting used to when coming from any other controller. The PDP variety simply feels cheap by comparison. However, compared to the Xbox One S controllers or even the Elite controller, a lot of other branded controllers feel a bit cheap by comparison.

PDP Faceoff Controller
[Image via PDP]

However, the PDP Faceoff gamepad works incredibly well. I ended up playing a full ten hours straight of Grand Theft Auto V with it in my Extra Life stream, and it wasn’t a detriment. Going back to my Elite controller, I could definitely feel a build quality difference, but we’re talking about a controller that costs almost a full one-hundred dollars more. The PDP controller does offer some features that you don’t find on other controllers as well, though.

The 3.5mm jack at the bottom of the controller lets you hear the game or chat audio on your Xbox. That itself isn’t new, as most Xbox One controllers do this. However, the PDP NFL Faceoff controller allows you the adjust that volume on the controller itself. You can mute the chat audio or the game audio right on the controller, which is incredibly convenient as the Xbox One UI to adjust the headphones settings are basically the worst. Having them at your fingertips is a great thing.

The largest issue with this controller, though, is the simple fact that it’s wired. The PDP Faceoff Controller bucks current trends by tethering you to your console versus wireless capabilities of other controllers on the market. It’s a frustrating thing, as someone who likes to sit back across the room without wires running the floor. With other controllers at the same price offering you both wired and wireless modes, the lack of choice in how to use your controller is disappointing.

PDP NFL Faceoff Controller
The different NFL team faceplates. [Image via PDP]

Sporting your favorite NFL team might push some people to buy this simply because of fandom. PDP sent me the controller and an Arizona Cardinals faceplate, and swapping the faceplates is a pretty easy proposition. The NFL team faceplate is smooth, while the football plate is textured like the regulation ball would be.

So, is the controller worth it? It really depends on the use case. If you’re simply looking to show off your fandom, yes: PDP’s NFL Faceoff is definitely a conversation starter, as I’ve found using this for a few weeks now. I’ve not used it on the Xbox One much, but the micro-USB cable is long enough that some people won’t have much of an issue with it. However, it’s been a mainstay at my PC and works beautifully. And it’s here where I would say the controller shines. Since it’s required to be tethered to use, keeping it connected to my PC has been great, I can simply pick it up and play when I need to where before I was swapping controllers with the living room.

The PDP Faceoff Controller at the end of the day is more of a novelty fandom item than one of pure gaming prowess. It’s a controller that is aimed at the hardcore NFL fan and not necessarily the discerning gamer, but anyone who grabs this controller should be happy with its performance overall.

[Featured Image via PDP]