‘Dishonored 2’: Corvo-Emily Combo Possible In New Game And Difficulty Modes Coming Next Month

What if you can use Corvo’s powers with Emily and vice versa in Dishonored 2? Or even combo both of their powers in one gameplay? Today, you can’t—yet. But tomorrow is looking very promising.

It’s just been a bit more than a week since Dishonored 2 released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, but a lot of players are already weaving all sorts of paths for Corvo and Emily. One speed ran through the entire Dishonored 2 gameplay in just a bit more than 30 minutes, Game Rant reported; some are even beating Dishonored 2 without getting spotted or using their powers, Kotaku reported. The people playing Dishonored 2 are crazy good, aren’t they?

With all these newfound skills in stealth games like Dishonored 2, more and more possibilities open up. Dishonored 2 is all about playing your way, enabling you to beating the game via countless ways and using a myriad of tricks. And as a first month anniversary treat from Bethesda to you, Games Radar stated that Bethesda will be releasing a free update for Dishonored 2 that will introduce a New Game + (Plus) mode and new custom difficulty settings next month.

So don’t tire yourself with Dishonored 2 just yet, and maybe stick around long enough for the update to roll in. This update, while Bethesda has yet to reveal official information and release date about it, is surely going to bring new possibilities and even harder gameplays for your Dishonored 2 play time.

This is pure speculation at the moment, but based from data unearthed by the creative people at Reddit, it’s possible that a Corvo-Emily power swap or Corvo-Emily power combo could be part of the New Game mode that will be introduced in the upcoming update.

One of the most—if not the most—important choice you have to do early on in Dishonored 2 is choosing which character to play as: will you become the ever-powerful Corvo, or the beautiful and strong Emily? But from recent data mines, it looks like you won’t have to make that hard decision all the time.

Brought to light by PC Gamer, Reddit users Lambac0re and ComradePoolio discovered that Corvo has an equivalent and completely illustrated version of Emily’s exclusive power-selection wheel. Tinkering with Dishonored 2‘s memory using Cheat Engine, Lambac0re found out that you can unlock all powers for both Emily and Corvo and use them on either character. And it’s not just a painfully executed cheat either. From what it looks like, buried under the game is a perfectly executed and thought-out conversion of Emily’s powers for Corvo, and vice versa.

If you remember, accessing the power menu in Dishonored 2 shows the character-exclusive powers, with an equivalent illustration of how the ability looks like on the right side of the screen. However, Lambac0re found out that cheating the game and forcing Emily’s powers on Corvo actually work seamlessly. He managed to force out the game’s hidden illustrations showing Corvo’s version of Emily’s powers. See the photos below showing the powers that are supposedly exclusive to Emily, but has an equivalent Corvo illustration.


A cheated Doppelganger, specifically, is executed by Corvo so well that aside from the astonishingly clear depiction of Corvo using the said ability in the power menu, Corvo actually using the Doppelganger power in the game summons a Corvo instead of an Emily, which what would have been summoned if the game was merely tricked into enabling Doppelganger for Corvo. This only proves that hidden in the game is the ability to give Emily’s powers to Corvo, and maybe even vice versa. See the photo of a perfectly summoned Doppelganger below.


Another interesting tidbit is that a legitimate Doppelganger summoned by Emily would perform a Far Reach. This Corvo Doppelganger, however, would perform not Emily’s Far Reach but Corvo’s Blink. It’s unbelievable!

Reddit users are getting mind-blown with all the possibilities for kill montages that will open up if this Corvo-Emily power swap or Corvo-Emily power combo could indeed happen in the upcoming New Game + and Custom Difficulty update for Dishonored 2.

In terms of new custom difficulty settings, Game Revolution has also put in their two cents and posited some totally legitimate settings Dishonored 2 can introduce in the upcoming update.

Similar to 2014’s Thief, Dishonored 2 can impose a Ghost difficulty, which will push players to go through the game by mimicking a ghost: no alerts, no kills, lest you fail the game. This will push the player to become the ultimate stealth god that the game was really made for.

Another interesting custom difficulty being speculated for the upcoming Dishonored 2 update is a Closed Black Market. The Black Market is the best place to restock supplies so if you can’t buy from the market, you will be forced to loot basically every single dead or living soul just to get the goods you need to go through the game.

Or an unforgiving Ironman Mode seems feasible, too, where failing a mission hurls you back to square one. No saves, no checkpoints. Living the game and the danger, literally.

While these all sounds exciting, we have no choice at the moment but to wait for Bethesda or Arkane to release more information about the upcoming New Game + and Custom Difficulty update for Dishonored 2.

[Featured Image by Bethesda]