‘Teen Mom OG’ Sneak Peek: Farrah Abraham Doesn’t Trust Her Mom Debra [VIDEO]

In a new Teen Mom OG sneak peek, cast member Farrah Abraham’s volatile relationship with her mother Debra Danielson continued to swirl out of control. The reality TV stars got into another argument during what should have been a relaxing mother-daughter trip to the nail salon and Farrah lost her temper when she revealed that she doesn’t trust her parents.

Abraham and her mother were involved in one of their most explosive on-camera fights yet during last week’s Teen Mom OG episode, as previously reported by the Inquisitr. Debra was in town visiting her daughter to help her while she prepared to open her new business venture, a boutique furniture and home décor shop called Furnished by Farrah.

But stress levels were high and the tension boiled over and exploded into an expletive-filled screaming match in front of Farrah’s 7-year-old daughter Sophia, Us Weekly reported. It ended with Abraham calling her mother a “dumb b****” before kicking her out of the house.

The mother-daughter tension continued in the new Teen Mom OG sneak peek, OK Magazine reported. It seemed like they may have moved on from their previous fight because Debra is still visiting Farrah at her home in Texas and they are on good enough terms to go enjoy a manicure and pedicure together. But when they settled into their spa chairs, Debra asked Farrah for some time off from helping out with the new business so that she could take care of a few personal errands herself and that’s when Farrah’s temper flared again.

“So my proposal,” Debra started out tentatively. “Since we’re not doing anything basically from right now until next Friday, I need a couple of days to go get some things done.”

Farrah scrolled through her phone and asked Debra when she would want to have her time off and Debra said that it would be great if she could head out the next day and asked if it was okay with Farrah.

“You wanna leave and you do not want to spend the time that’s needed this week, you wanna just fly out to go see your boyfriend,” Abraham snapped in the Teen Mom OG sneak peek.

Her mom got defensive and didn’t confirm or deny whether her reason for wanting to leave had anything to do with her boyfriend or not. But she asked Farrah why it mattered to her where she was going. Farrah said that it’s because she knows that her mom lies to her.

But Farrah’s mom said that she never asks her daughter about her whereabouts or what she does because she trusts Farrah as an adult and she trusts that her daughter will make good decisions.

“So guess what, I don’t trust you,” Abraham told Debra. “I don’t trust either of my parents you guys haven’t made good decisions.”

“I do make good decisions so don’t degrade me,” her mom responded, standing up for herself in the Teen Mom OG sneak peek.

But Farrah said that her unstable relationship with her mom is the reason that they have been going to therapy together because they rely on an expert to help them with their communication and trust issues.

“You wanted to know how I personally feel, there you go,” Farrah said, and her Debra told her daughter that she doesn’t care how she feels because Farrah doesn’t care about how her mother feels.

“Okay well then go f**k off and stop having a conversation with me,” Abraham said, cussing at her mom.

The Teen Mom OG star said that she can handle the task of opening her own business on her own and that she could just find someone else to hire that would be more reliable than her mother. But Debra said that she only asked for a few days off and the only thing she got back in return was threats and intimidation from her daughter. Farrah was already over the conversation and stopped listening to her mom.

“I mean I feel really bad that I just cant have my nails done and get in and out of here and I do not care,” Farrah said talking to producers.

Watch the full Teen Mom OG sneak peek below and be sure to catch the upcoming episode airing Mondays at 9 p.m. on MTV.

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