Salman Khan And Iulia Vantur Broke Up Over Huge Culture Shock? It’s Complicated [Rumors]

Salman Khan’s India may have been too much for rumored ex-girlfriend, Iulia Vantur, who is from Romania, told a publication in her home country that being in India with Salman was a huge culture shock, First Post reports.

“It is totally different there (in India)…” she said in the interview. “The mentality is different, the culture, the people, everything is different. There is not much privacy. Also, there are many people living in one house.”

She also realized that she was dressing a little too sexy for India’s reserved culture.

“We must also learn how to dress for walking on the streets (in India). I found out later that my clothing was too low cut,” said Iulia.

According to Zee News, Iulia has also said that she had to get used to the India paparazzi that follows Salman wherever he goes and his bodyguards.

“Salman has many bodyguards but I feel safe in Romania. I do not need bodyguards here,” she said. “People love him a lot. But you cannot walk on the streets, you cannot walk to the mall or churches. That does not mean you are not safe but you feel safer with protection there.”


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According to First Post, Bollywood fans and the media first got wind of the relationship between Iulia Vantur and Salman Khan when the pair attended Preity Zinta’s wedding reception. Vantur was also seen on the set of the Hindi movie, Tubelight, and with Salman Khan’s mother, Salma Khan.

So did all of these cultural differences between Salman and Iulia cause the couple’s rumored breakup? There’s a possibility.

In the same article, Iulia alluded that she had no intentions of leaving Romania to settle in India because of the huge differences between the two countries, First Post reports.

But there may be more to it than that.

TheInternational Business Times reports that Iulia tried to get close to Salman’s mother and the rest of his family. But it did not work out in her favor.

“Not that the poor girl didn’t try her best. She made every effort to play the Good Bahu in Salman’s family. She befriended Salman’s mom and sisters, as Salman expects all his girlfriends to do,” an alleged insider source revealed.

There are also rumors that a wedding between Iulia and Salman was called off because Salman caught her keeping in contact with an ex-boyfriend.

Salman Khan is notoriously private about his personal life so all of this coverage on his alleged ex-girlfriend must be pretty annoying for the actor fans affectionately call “Bhai.” He recently called out the media for claiming that he and Iulia were an item after Preity Zinta’s wedding.

“They (the media) have dishonoured a woman regardless of whether she is an Indian or a foreigner. In such cases, the media gives hope to the woman and puts pressure on me. And this is not good; I also look like an insensitive person, who is not interested in getting married,” Salman said to the press, according to the International Business Times.

So, who is Iulia Vantur?

Iulia Vantur is a Romanian model and TV host. According to an article on MTV India, she hosts the morning news in Romania and their version of Dancing With The Stars. She also has a law degree.

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