Two Men Overdosing On Heroin In McDonald’s Parking Lot Captured On Facebook Live Stream

As Eddie Wimbley drove through a Sandusky, Ohio, McDonald’s parking lot, he noticed a man lying on the ground next to a car, as another man sat nearly lifeless inside. As Wimbley pulled up, he realized that the two men were overdosing on heroin. As he frantically asked if anyone had called 911, Wimbley chose to live stream the event on Facebook, hoping to document the experience and share the damaging impact of heroin use.

According to FOX 43 News, a nurse was on the scene and was able to wake the man in the car, but the man on the ground was gasping for air, unresponsive to the nurse’s attempt to wake him.

Wimbley was visiting the McDonald’s with his 4-year-old son for a sandwich when he noticed the men in the parking lot. He new he could not just drive past them and let the men die, so he did his part to help out while recording the event.
Sandusky Police Chief John Orzech released a statement that heroin overdoses have been on the rise recently. In just the past two weeks, there have been over 20 heroin overdoses in the city.

“We have seen levels of overdoses in the last two weeks that are unprecedented. We have had as many as 20 plus overdoses and four suspected overdose deaths in the past two weeks. Sandusky Fire Department has administered Narcan over 170 times this year, up from 80 last year. Loved ones are dying because of this horrendous epidemic.”

Although the increase in overdoses has left the authorities baffled regarding how to battle the issue, Wimbley’s video has brought an increased awareness and will hopefully coerce some individuals to take action against their addictions.

The man on the ground has been identified as 27-year-old Michael Williams. He made it through the overdose and was given the opportunity to see what the heroin did to him. As he watched, he fought back tears, according to WKYC Channel 3.

“I was fighting back the tears. I got goosebumps and teary eyed. Like I said, I am a strong individual, and it was hard to watch.”

Williams admits he has a problem, especially after seeing the horrific condition the heroin left him in. He wishes he could get the help he needs, but financial woes have left him feeling helpless.

“I definitely have a problem. If I could get the help right now, I would definitely go. I need it I want it.”

Wimbley hopes the video is a wake-up call to Williams and that he does get the help he needs.

“I hope it is like a wakeup call. I just do not understand how people can do something knowing that they could possibly die.”

Williams is hoping to get help for his heroin addiction. However, he recently lost his job and does not have insurance. His family has looked into getting him help, but a rehabilitation facility would cost a minimum of $800 per day and he simply cannot afford it.

At this point, it is cheaper to feed his addiction.

The amount of media presence of the overdose will hopefully draw attention to those that are able to help Williams fight his addiction and get his life on track. His family hopes that he will once find his way into a healthy lifestyle, so they don’t have to worry every time the phone rings.

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