Donald Trump SNL Skit: Alec Baldwin Skewers President-Elect In New Comedy Spoof

The latest Donald Trump SNL skit again featured actor Alec Baldwin doing his hallmark impersonation of the president-elect, and he didn’t hold back, prompting Trump fans, and Donald himself, to call out the comedy show’s bias when it comes to politics.

It doesn’t take long for the Donald Trump SNL skit to make a racial reference, as comedienne actress Kate McKinnon, who plays Kellyanne Conway, tells “Donald” that David Duke, a former Ku Klux Klan leader, is pleased with the people Trump has chosen for his cabinet so far.

Baldwin portrays Trump as completely idiotic and McKinnon depicts Conway as living in torment for her role in getting the billionaire business man turned politician elected, as she responds to Donald’s question of “what do you need Kellyanne?” With, “a time machine.”

It’s interesting SNL chose to portray Conway as regretful, as the real Kellyanne is not showing that this is the way she’s feeling. Perhaps McKinnon’s portrayal of Conway is symbolic of how the SNL cast feels collectively regarding Trump’s victory over Clinton, as many Americans believe the show’s bias is too obvious to be either a mistake or coincidence.

As is happening in the real world, the Donald Trump SNL skit recreates the revolving door of elites coming and going into and out of the Trump Tower in New York City as the actual Trump puts together what will become his administration, as well as forms new relationships with people he will need to work with after inauguration day on January 20.

During the skit, Trump’s first guest is General Dunlap, played by Mikey Day, who tells the president-elect that he was thrilled to learn Trump has a “secret plan” when it comes to ISIS, since he’s been fighting the radical militant group for six years to no avail. Once Dunlap leaves, Donald proceeds to Google “What is ISIS?” When he sees there are too many results, he picks up his mobile and asks Siri to tell him about ISIS, only to belatedly figure out he’s talking to a Blackberry.

The next person to meet with Trump is a West Virginia campaign chairman from “coal country” who is played by Bobby Moynihan. He tells Trump how excited he is that the president-elect is going to help people like him get back to work, telling him “if you can build a wall that’s two thousand miles long on the Mexican border I’m sure you could help us!” To which Donald, seeming nervous, responds, “How long is that wall?” And, “Two thousand American miles?”

It seems, if the creators of the Donald Trump SNL skit write content reflective of their personal beliefs, they think he’s ill-prepared to govern an entire country and that he has never really thought through all the things he’s been promising the American people since he began his run in the summer of 2015.

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Next, they make fun of the fact that Trump is considering Mitt Romney for his cabinet, as the relationship between the two during the election season was anything but pretty. Romney, along with other establishment Republicans, pulled out all the stops they could think of to deter Trump from the presidency, but in the end nothing worked.

Romney, played by Jason Sudeikis, enters the office and he and Trump grasp each other’s hands in a handshake that goes on for almost 30 seconds before Romney says, “This isn’t going to work, is it?”

The last person to meet with the future president in the Donald Trump SNL skit is vice president-elect Mike Pence, played by Beck Bennett. This is where the show’s writers poke fun at both the Hamilton controversy and the fact that, per the mainstream media, Trump appears to be reneging on some of the more popular policies he outlined during the campaign season.

As reported by Inquisitr, Mike Pence went to a showing of the play Hamilton in New York City and was harassed by the cast, prompting some Trump supporters to encourage Americans to boycott the musical.

In the skit, Baldwin’s Trump asks Pence how Hamilton was, to which the VP answers, “I got a free lecture.”

Pence then brings up troubles concerning Donald’s plan for Obamacare, immigration and the “special prosecutor” they want to hire in their quest to bring Hillary Clinton to justice.

Regarding Obamacare, Mike says that, despite its unpopularity, there are people out there who like it, to which Trump responds, “We’ll keep it.” He also backtracks on plans to deport millions of illegal immigrants and suddenly decides Hillary is innocent, nixing the idea of his administration prosecuting her.

Pence then tries to reassure Trump that although being President of the United States is tough work, as long as they work together, everything will be fine. At the end of the skit, Donald asks Pence, “you’re going to do everything right?”

The Donald Trump SNL skit, like all SNL skits, is for entertainment purposes and has no bearing on reality. Even so, some people are offended by the easily recognizable bias present within the show’s political sketches. Should the writers be more careful and try to balance their narrative, or are Trump and his supporters blowing this out of proportion? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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