Kylie Jenner Dissed By ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Champ After Wearing This

Kylie Jenner may have one of the most popular bodies on social media, but a Dancing with the Stars Mirror Ball Trophy winner thinks that the teen shouldn’t be using it to model athletic wear.

Some women were not happy when Dancing with the Stars Season 18 champ Meryl Davis threw a little shade at Kylie Jenner on Twitter. According to Entertainment Tonight, Davis, a 29-year-old ice dancer who won gold during the 2014 Olympics, recently criticized Puma’s decision to use 19-year-old Kylie Jenner as the face of its athletic wear brand. The Olympian was upset with the company for using a reality show star to sell its sports bras instead of hiring a professional female athlete to appear in its ads.

Meryl Davis also called Nike out for paying 20-year-old model Bella Hadid to promote its products. However, Davis applauded Reebok for its ad featuring 22-year-old Olympic gymnast Aly Raisman.

Many of Meryl’s Twitter followers let her know that they also prefer seeing professional athletes in ads for athletic brands. However, others didn’t see anything wrong with Puma hiring Kylie Jenner to model its clothing. They pointed out that most women who wear the brand’s sports bras are not professional athletes.

“Understand that everyone wears sportswear now not just athletes,” one of Davis’ followers responded.

“Why should regular girls who are not athletes buy this s**t then? I guess real girls aren’t worthy,” another wrote.

Davis addressed the backlash to her tweet via a statement to Entertainment Tonight.

“As someone who has experienced just how hurtful comments on the internet can be, my intention is to promote the use of a diversified ideal of beauty and support the role I believe female athletes can play in the pursuit of that,” Davis said.

“I feel very strongly that all women should be represented in the media for young girls to see and my intention is to encourage inclusiveness. I am about women supporting women and building one another up.”

Some of Meryl Davis’ Twitter followers tried to defend Puma’s ads featuring Kylie Jenner by arguing that the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star likely works out regularly like millions of other American women who are not professional athletes. However, Khloe Kardashian has said that this isn’t the case.

According to the Daily Mail, Khloe recently talked about Kylie’s exercise habits. In a video that she posted on her website, Khloe revealed that she has tried to get her younger sister to work out with her. However, Kylie Jenner doesn’t share Khloe Kardashian’s enthusiasm for spending time at the gym.

“Kylie doesn’t really work out,” Khloe said. “She did come with Kourt and me one time, when Don was training us. Don does four quarters in each session and Kylie only stayed for one quarter.”

Don’t expect to see Kylie Jenner changing her mind about exercise and hitting the gym anytime soon — she actually doesn’t want to lose weight. Last month, the teen took to her website to say that she loves her body the way it is. There’s been a lot of speculation that Kylie’s curves are the result of plastic surgery, but she informed her fans that her bigger butt and boobs are completely natural. As Hollywood Life reports, Jenner revealed that she simply hit the genetic jackpot — she gained 16 pounds, and all of that fat went to the right places.

“No a** implants, no a** implants. ya know? I used to be 120 pounds, now I’m pushing like 136 but it’s alright, I like the chunkiness,” Kylie said.

What do you think of a gym-shy celebrity like Kylie Jenner modeling sportswear? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

[Featured Image by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images for Balmain]